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Name: DreamCoon Fidelio

Title:  Supreme Grand Champion TICA
Sex:  Male
Father: Poppy Field Blueberry
Mother: Pillowtalk's Jamaica

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White sugars Oct 2016
Cream berries - born in May 2016
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Red marble whose name is Fidelio - our pride!

I would like to introduce you a very worthy gentleman. His name is Fidelio; he has luxurious mustache and hair, yes, because he is a cat. I would like to note that it is not an ordinary cat, he is a chic cat, a cat with character, a cat who knows his worth, but at the same time he is priceless!

Also he is very famous cat - our pride!

DreamCoon Fidelio is 21st Best International Longhair Cat of the Year IW SGCin the Word!!!


Fidelio is very cunning; he wants to show with all his appearance that he is more than enough severe. He walks a little bit languid, looking at people with a mute reproach that all the toys are hidden. He thinks why they hide them if I'm a real gentleman, I do not need them. But when we pull out any toy, Fidelio turns away from it with indifference, starts to move away, and then abruptly rushes to the toy, taking it. Done! Now he ceases to be a gentleman and turns into the loafer, so playful, purring, and a little bit spoilt but so beloved. He turns and wants others to scratch him; he wags his tail, rolls on the floor in the embrace with the toy. It doesn't depend on how Fidelio is busy playing, he never shows claws. Here's he, our Fidelio.

Where the stars of cats are lit

Among the cats there are also their own stars that shine very brightly. Fidelio is a vivid example of such case. He is a real celebrity who wins the people's hearts. At the exhibitions, he is the best "star" without any doubts, he likes this process.

Recently, our favorite has won an honorable third place at the major exhibition at the "Crocus Expo". He was very proud when he came home, had a long walk with his face up, and received the congratulations. At the end of the evening, he gave up and started the battle with a toy mouse. Only this toy remained unhappy that day - without a tail and with a torn ear.

The friend in need is the friend indeed

Fidelio is a true friend. He feels very well the state of his hosts when someone is sad, he comes, puts his head on the shoulder, if the person is lying, or on his knees, just looking into the eyes and soothing! Such support is priceless, at once you feel easier and better. Our Fidelio is a doctor of the soul.

Sometimes we like to call him Meatball. Fidelio does not like this as he thinks how I, the great cat, can be compared with some round, strange human creation, which you can take and eat? This dumb question can be read in his eyes. However, he never refuses from the meatballs; at that moment you can call Fidelio - Meatball or Cutlet - whatever you like!

Through life with Fidelio

There are such people with whom it is easy to go through life, about such people we say: I would have gone with you on reconnaissance. Though Fidelio is a cat, but we would have gone with him anywhere on reconnaissance or the battle. He is a true devoted friend, faithful and loving. He requires only one thing - love, and he undoubtedly receives it!


MalePoppy Field Blueberry
February 03 2009
Maine Coon, (a - blue)
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