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What determines the cost of a kitten?

Discover everything you need to know about the Maine Coon, an affectionate and playful cat breed.

What determines the cost of a kitten?

Everything bought in the store, depending on its different characteristics is evaluated differently. Animals, as it would be incorrect, are legally considered as personal property in the USA. Accordingly, in all the issues associated with the animals’ acquisition, the legal relations are treated as for things. Owners, as defined in § 3.2-6500 Code of Virginia, may maintain any action for the killing of any such animals, or injury thereto, or unlawful detention or use thereof as in the case of other personal property.

In its turn, the purchase is impossible without money. And although you can live without a cat in the house, as it is not a necessity, a lot of people want to have a beautiful animal in their house, and they are to pay for it.

Nowadays two absolutely identical things can cost differently. Also, the price of similar purebred kittens can be quite different. It is not determined by the weight of the pet, his color, or height.

For those who want to purchase a kitten from famous thoroughbred producers, the best variant is to visit the cattery. Nevertheless, the cost of the pet will be rather high, as the conscientious breeders appreciate their "products". Wanting to save money, you can buy exactly the same kitten at the "marketplace", but in this case, he will be of doubtful quality.

How the cost of a kitten is calculated?

1. Not every purebred pet is suitable for breeding. Investing enough resources, the professional breeders know exactly that due to the highest quality of the kittens, they will quickly earn.

2. For the implementation of the proper care and maintenance of the cats there are needed considerable resources, as well as physical and mental strength. In the cattery, the animals get:

regular quality food;

expensive DNA testing;

vaccination (core and rabies shots);

enough space for cats and having them in small separated groups;

care with the expensive shampoos, conditioners, and cosmetics (during the preparation for the exhibition);

the expensive vitamins for health maintenance;

hold and maintain USDA pet breeder license;

timely veterinary inspection.

Furthermore, additional expenses, including:

costs for mating the pets;

the club expenses;

the fee for participation at the exhibitions in different cities and countries;

as well as costs for the documents, etc.

3. Another item of expense – is the cost of the pregnancy and childbirth. Here, we cannot speak about saving money! Before allowing the pet to the mating, his state of health is carefully checked. The procedures are carried out at the same time for the prevention of ticks, fleas, and worms. In addition, the breeders shall ensure that at the time of mating, he has all the necessary vaccinations. The choice of the mating partner is also very responsible; taking into account the breed qualities of the pet. During pregnancy, the health of cats is under constant control, they should have the proper diet. During pregnancy, the cats also need special care. Sometimes due to complications during childbirth losses are inevitable.

4. The kittens need special attention, and during the process of their bringing up unforeseen expenses cannot be avoided. Professional breeders treat the kittens like children. The regular control of the correctness and regularity of nutrition, cleaning, and washing excludes any possibility to leave work on time, not going to work on a day off, even if you feel unwell or there is the preparation for a great family holiday. While the kittens grow up, the breeders have to spend more than one night without sleep. They need expensive vitamins and timely vaccination. All this is impossible without love and affection.

5. Before the kitten gets into the hands of a new host there will be needed another material investment. In particular, it is the cost of his examination. A lot of money is spent on advertising, preparation of relevant documents, phone bills, and visits to the veterinarian.

Some unscrupulous breeders do not provide cats or kittens with the proper care. They can sell pets at more affordable prices. But deciding on the purchase, it is worth thinking about whether you are right, about encouraging cruelty to pets. Indeed, as a rule, they are kept in cages at such catteries. They do not get the vitamins and are not immunized. For the mating, they do not select the cat. Nobody cares about the health of the cat and her offspring, the worms are not veered. In such a case, what quality will you get? As a rule, they are not well adapted to people and the environment, they do not have good health, and they are fearful.

These kittens can be purchased at any pet market and places such as Craigslist. They are sold without the paperwork and without the possibility of TICA/CFA registration or the pedigree can be fake.

The treatment of the kitten can cost a lot of money. Think about whether you are ready to cope with the emotional trauma in the case of his death, God forbid, that will not happen. But if it happens, the apartment will need quarantine. Paying even a small amount of money - 5-10 thousand, maybe even more, you need to understand that you pay for the unpedigreed pet, a pooch.

The low cost of a kitten should cause not joy but fear. Due to the fact that the purchase of the pet is accompanied by the additional expenses for worthy care, the breeders regard the high cost of their kittens as the guarantee that you will not throw out the pet in the street and do not save money on buying the vitamins, shots, quality feed and regular inspection by the veterinarian.

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