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So you've decided to buy a Maine Coon!

Discover everything you need to know about the Maine Coon, an affectionate and playful cat breed.

So you've decided to buy a Maine Coon!

Although the price of the kittens are quite high and there is a great number of catteries, but to find "your" kitten is still not so easy.

In Europe, it is perhaps the most popular breed, its popularity increases in Russia.

It is a big, smart, kind and gentle wonderful pet! This is a real dream from the childhood! And if you find on the Internet a marvelous face and fall in love with it...

You should be ready to talk about yourself...

What do you do, how you live and what conditions you will be able to create at home for the Maine Coon. Does it cause the conflicts in the house with someone who lives with you or not, do you have any experience of having pets, what you know about this wonderful breed and why you want to have a Maine Coon.

It should not be taken as the invasion in your private life, every person who loves their pets will not give you a kitten until he gets the answers to all the questions. And of course after your acquaintance with the breeder you will meet him personally. Russia is very different from civilized Europe, and we have not created the conditions for the safe transportation of animals. Hardly can you get a kitten from the host any way except on your hands directly from his house.

Even if you like the kitten’s photo - it does not mean that by holding him in your arms, you will realize that this Maine Coon is yours. Between a man and the Maine Coon there is installed the thin energy and psychological contact arising during the living communion with the kitten, it is oddly a little bit but between the cat and the host on the subconscious level there should be full emotional compatibility, otherwise it will not bring good luck to any of them.

Be ready to wait...

Maine Coon kittens are moving into a new house when they are three and a half months.

This is the minimum time that is needed for a kitten to grow up a little bit and get stronger, get the first lessons of life from his mother.

These are to learn to eat, to find a toilet, to identify his own toys from the things of the hosts. In addition, this time is used for the complete vaccination.

At the same time it is very tender age, the kittenís moving to a new home is the strongest stress for him, if you want that the adaptation of the kitten to the new home will be successful, you need strictly follow all the advice on the organization of the living space, feeding and socializing with the kitten and observing him.

If the kitten has stayed longer at the breeder...

It does not mean that this cat is bad. His host has not been found yet, and perhaps someone had to abandon from the reserved kitten due to the prevailing life circumstances. The kittens are often reserved in very young age, but during his preparation for relocation to the new house, a lot of things can change and the circumstances may arise such that a person cannot take the reserved kitten.

That is why you do not be afraid to take an older kitten, if you like him. The more time the Maine Coon has spent at the breeder, the better it is, as the new home will bring less stress for him, and he will be healthier. The breed specificity is that - in their hearts they remain kittens for very long time.

Maine Coons are extremely mobile and social cats...

For the full development except the special rich diet they must also have live chat and living space.

The kitten should be able to climb the "mountain" and watch others down or clogged in the "hole" - in such a place where he will feel safe and be able to be alone.

He should have the place where he will practice in leaping and climbing, as well as to sharpen the claws. Maine Coon has such dimensions that the cat houses in our pet stores are suited them only in the childhood, so you have to either buy a house for the Maine Coon in the catalog or to make it.

Maine Coon cannot be left alone for a long time, it is social and strongly tied to the host, that is why he is very upset if the host is absent for a long time, this cat does not walk by himself - he is bored and longs alone.

The desire and consent are two different things...

The presence in the family of any pet should be determined not only by the mutual agreement but certainly the mutual desire. Especially as the Maine Coon cat is not just a pet with a capital letter, but also the main home prankster, good-natured, but very mobile, social and curious.

If you really want your house be filled with the symphony of purring - be prepared also for small surprises, pranks that the Maine Coon will bring to you. To take the little surprises easy, it is not enough simply to put up with the advent of the Maine Coon in the house – you are to want this. That is why before you venture on such a serious step, one should think twice whether the entire household really wants it, whether they are ready for this.

You do not need to make the effort that a little purring creature penetrates into your soul, as he will do it by himself with very soft paws, but it is very painful to rip him out of the soul. Our world, unfortunately, is not only cruel, it is also social, and you are, as well as any other person, to be reckoned with those people whom you love.

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