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The standards of Maine coon according to WCF system

Discover everything you need to know about the Maine Coon, an affectionate and playful cat breed.

The standards of Maine coon according to WCF system


It is large or very large. It is muscular, long and wide, should give the impression of squareness. The neck is of the medium length with a strong muscular, broad chest. The paws are strong, of the medium length. The paw pads should be tufted between the toes. The tail is long and should reach at least the shoulders. It is wide at the base and tapering to the tip, with long flowing hair.


They have a large massive skull of a square form and with straight contours. The cheekbones are high. The nose is of the medium length. The profile is curved. "Capsule" is massive and square, with a marked shift to the forehead. The chin is massive, on the same level with the upper jaw and nose.


Ears are very large, high-set, and wide at the base and tapering to the top. The form is almost vertical and tall, the distance between the ears should be no more than the width of the ear at its base. The pubescence of the ear extends beyond its outer edge. On the eartips brushes are desirable.


Eyes are large, oval, wide set, slightly obliquely, the eye color should be homogeneous and in harmony with the overall color.


Hair is short on the head and shoulders, except the collar, markedly extends to the rear of the body, abdomen and "pants". There is the thick undercoat, soft and gentle, covered by the rougher outer cover. The pubescence is dense, smooth, waterproof, fully covers the rear part of the body, legs and upper side of the tail. The abdomen and "pants" have only undercoat. The luxuriant mane is desirable but not mandatory.


The color can be chocolate and cinnamon and, accordingly, their lighter variations (Lilac and fawn) but they are not accepted in any combinations (bicolor, tricolor, and tabby). In addition, all the types of point colors are prohibited. Any other colors are allowed and named in the General Colour Guide.


Hair is of equal length all over the body, it is a significant drawback, in this case even if there is the beautiful structure the title CAC is prohibited.

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