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Maine Coon treaks!

Discover everything you need to know about the Maine Coon, an affectionate and playful cat breed.

Maine Coon treaks!

Trick "Die!"

That trick exactly amuse your guests. The trick that more "dog", but cats also it can.

Aim at Ivan "edged weapon" - a finger and say, "Die!" Or "Bang!" Or "Bang-bang!"
And then immediately tumbled down a cat on its side and reward her.
With each repetition extends the time that the cat must lie still, to deserve a treat.

Trick "High Five"

You must have much cat treats: you will need lots of cat treats to teach your cat to high five. Make sure you have ones that your cat likes or it may be a waste of money.

Use your cat's basic instincts. Most cats like to bat things--including you. Use this to your advantage. When your cat reaches out their paw, hit it with your hand. Then give your cat a treat.

Say the words. As you hit the cat's paw with your hand, say the words, "High five!" When your cat reacts, give a treat to your cat.

Continue the process. Either pick up your cat's paw and hit it with your hand, or wait until cat reaches paw out to you and hit it with your hand. Tell "High five!" and reward cat with treats as she does.

Try to get cat to reach out her paw to you on the command, "High five". This will get her to react instinctively. Always reward her when cat does what you want even if you don't get to give cat the high five. The extension of her paw is the first step and she may be resistant to you hitting her paw.

Change paws. Don't worry if your cat decides she wants to extend the other paw from the one she originally was using. It is good for her to know that a high five can be done with either paw.

Be sure you constantly reward and praise your cat when she completes any part of the tasks to high five. She will respond quicker when she knows she will get a treat for her work.

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