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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»

About cattery DreamCoon

Welcome to the DreamCoon Maine Coon cattery!

We are pleased to welcome you at our site of monobreed cats - DreamCoon!

Maine Coon cattery has been founded in 2008 and since then it is successfully working in growing of purebred Maine Coon cats. The cattery changed owner in 2024. At the origin of the cattery there is a story of the advent of a gorgeous cat, which for her noble color has got the name - Pearl. The White Maine Coon is a rare phenomenon. The exceptional beauty, emphasizing the breed traits, has become the high start from which our life has started. 

DreamCoon is the monobreed cattery which is the part of FC "Alliance" and performs its tribal activities in accordance with the tribal position of the club. Focusing on the derivation of the one breed we have been able to achieve really good results. The breeding work with our pets is aimed at obtaining offspring with good health, stable psyche and the external traits which correspond to the standard. In addition, we are serious about preserving the historical look of Maine Coon: it is a large, powerful and severe "farm" cat.Within the cattery DreamCoon there is the distinction of habitats of cats - so we control every mating, excluding the casual relationships. The country house, in which the cattery is located, helps us to accommodate all the pets according to the requirements of personal space. The pregnant Maine Coon cats and the newborn kittens live separately as they need around the clock care and control.

We pay special attention to the appearance of the pets. We have achieved significant results in the breeding of Maine Coons with the striking exterior; the proof of this is the numerous victories at the international exhibitions in USA, Europe, Asia, Russia.

Remember, every self-respecting breeder shows his pets at the special exhibitions and shows. Any excuses based on the negative attitude to such events, say that there are no real results on the breeding of this cattery that is often the consequence of negligence and the lack of professionalism.

DreamCoon is registered in the European WCF and American system TICA. Our pets have repeatedly received high marks of the experts. 

Thus, in 2013 the cat Fidelio was cat ¹25 in the world and has received award at the international competition.

Our cats are not for commercial breeding, but there are exceptions when the cats have the interesting phenotype.

On the pages of our site you will find a lot of interesting and useful information related to the real life of our cattery and its inhabitants, as well as the tips on caring for the breed of Maine Coon. We have created separate pages for our graduates, at which you can get acquainted with the stories of their lives. If you are already sure in your desire to buy a Maine Coon kitten, on the page "Kittens for sale" you will find the photos of those kids who are just waiting for their owners. We have developed this site specifically for you as your choice should not be spontaneous, that you can find the very pet with whom your life will be as pleasant as possible. We, in our turn, try to give to the kids all our care and tenderness that then they can pass it to you.

We are pleased to keep in touch with our kittens and cats owners, advising on the emerging issues arising in the process of the growing up of a kitten. With awe and admiration we view the photos of the grown up kids, which their current owners show to us.

Join our club of Maine Coon lovers! Sincerely, Violetta Summers