TICA & WCF registered and certified Cattery
Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
USDA licensed and inspected by APHIS USDA-APHIS

Maine Coon kittens for sale

If you are interested in a kitten from these or future litters, please let us know. You can better contact us by email. Our email address is dreamcoon@yandex.com I'll try to answer you shortly. If you want to buy a Maine Coon kitten or make the reservation, also please email us or make online request

Again, our e-mail address is dreamcoon@yandex.com 

We have a lot of newborn kittens different colors available for reservation. For additional information and pictures please contact us by e-mail.

DreamCoon Onyx Princess

DreamCoon Onyx Princess
Reserved by Hussain from Republic of Maldives

DreamCoon Whicker

DreamCoon Whicker
Reserved by Hana from Leppington, New South Wales, Australia

Litter "H" September 20 2018      


female DreamCoon Hola Barcelona

DreamCoon Hola Barcelona
Reserved by Eric from Sacramento, California

Litter "J" October 22 2018      


female DreamCoon Julia Caesar

DreamCoon Julia Caesar
Reserved by Anthony from Omaha, Nebraska

Litter "K" October 23 2018      



Litter "P" December 12 2018      


male DreamCoon Pauls Timothy

DreamCoon Pauls Timothy
Reserved by Suzanne from Grafton, West Virginia

Litter "CM" December 17 2018      


male Cowboy of DreamCoon

Cowboy of DreamCoon
Reserved by Jesse from Washington, District of Columbia

Litter "SV" January 14 2019      


male DreamCoon Schweppes

DreamCoon Schweppes
Reserved by Kathleen from Forestville, New York

Litter "T" January 15 2019      


male DreamCoon Tom Sawyer

DreamCoon Tom Sawyer
Option to Mariya from Alexandria, Virginia

LItter "O" January 20 2019      


male DreamCoon Otto Lanos

DreamCoon Otto Lanos
Reserved by Cliff from Louisville, Kentucky

Litter "L" February 28 2019      


female DreamCoon Laura Zoom

DreamCoon Laura Zoom
Reserved by Jill from Parowan, Utah

female DreamCoon Laska

DreamCoon Laska
Reserved by Dakota

female DreamCoon La Pingva

DreamCoon La Pingva
Reserved by Kathleen from Forestville, New York

Litter "GMJ" March 20 2019      


female Gondwana

Reserved by Virginia from Palmetto, Florida

male Glen Allen

Glen Allen
Reserved by Mary Ann from Norfolk, Virginia

male Golden Lion

Golden Lion
Reserved by Justin from Noblesville, Indiana

"Available" kitten looking for new home! You can buy a Maine Coon kitten
"Option" someone is interested in, but deposit is not send and kitten is still available
"Reserved" reservation deposit or full amount is paid for kitten
"Sold" kitten found a loving home
"Stay whith us" we decided (can be not accurately!) to keep kitten at our cattery

Sale of Maine Coon kittens

Request the kitten

The purchase of a Maine Coon kitten

For all matters concerning the sale of Maine Coon kittens e-mail us dreamcoon@yandex.com

«DreamCoon»: kittens of extraordinary beauty

It does not matter for what purpose you have come to «DreamCoon» - the Maine Coon Cattery: whether the kittens are needed for breeding or you're looking for a pet, or maybe you want to buy a Maine Coon, who would start a successful career at the exhibitions! The most important thing is the fact that you like these gentle giant cats. And we will help you to find a graceful, intelligent pet – as at our cattery there is the sale of Maine Coon kittens from the best manufacturers!

That is why Maine Coon kittens the sale of which places the responsibility on us, have all the necessary skills to stay in the apartment with new owners:

- Well-bred Maine Coon kittens (from the DreamCoon cattery) are adapted for living with people, accustomed to the scratching pouf - your walls, furniture and corners will not suffer!

- The sale of Maine Coon kittens is accompanied with the sale contract – as it's an elite and expensive pet in every sense!

Maine Coon kittens from the cattery DreamCoon have all the necessary things, from the complex compulsory vaccinations and ending with the relevant documents:

· Shot records, which has the marks of the vaccinations;

· Pedigree (if the kitten is purchased for breeding) or metric;

· Veterinary certificates by licensed veterenarian for shipping (are paid by the buyer);

· If it is necessary – the negative test results for the main diseases (are paid by the buyer).

If you make the prepayment of 20% of the kitten’s price, you can book the Maine Coon kitten. The sale of this kitten will be suspended until the expiration of the reservation time. If the term of the reservation has passed, but your plans have changed and you have decided not to buy this kitten, the amount of the prepayment is not refundable.

Do you live in another state, city or even another country or overseas, but you have so much loved kittens from our «DreamCoon» cattery? It does not matter! You can order the delivery/shipping of the chosen kitten at airline or with a courier (we will try to find the right courier for you). However, the cost of the delivery will not be included into the cost of the acquired kitten. Domestic US shipping are welcome and available! Here you can find shipping facility locations

Do you love our cats and kittens? Want to support us? Our oldest daughter Vera Mikirticheva creating picture arts and start auction: Here you can buy her art drawing "Moon cheese"

We dearly love our Maine Coon kittens and hope that, becoming the owner of such a pet, you'll love the new member of your family even more!

You can pick up the chosen Maine Coon kitten at our house in Richmond (VA, USA) or at New York JFK Airport / Washington IAD Airport