TICA & WCF registered and certified Cattery
Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
USDA licensed and inspected by APHIS USDA-APHIS

Litters DreamCoon

LItter "C" November 22 2021      


male DreamCoon Cheng

DreamCoon Cheng
Reserved by Rand from Virginia Beach, Virginia

male DreamCoon Cong

DreamCoon Cong
Reserved by Jim from Winchester, Virginia

Litter "A" November 12 2021      


male DreamCoon Aires

DreamCoon Aires
Reserved by Anke from Princeton, New Jersey

male DreamCoon Atlantic

DreamCoon Atlantic
Reserved by Hyejee from Concord, California

Litter "W" October 28 2021      


male DreamCoon Windfeld

DreamCoon Windfeld
Reserved by Sue from Kendall, Wisconsin

male DreamCoon Waldo Nickel

DreamCoon Waldo Nickel
Sold to Kevin from Hampton, Virginia

male DreamCoon Wolfgang PP

DreamCoon Wolfgang PP
Reserved by Dunia from Crofton, Maryland

female DreamCoon Wilsophiana

DreamCoon Wilsophiana
Sold to Samantha from Smithsburg, Maryland

male DreamCoon Wenzeslaus

DreamCoon Wenzeslaus
Reserved by Jordan

Litter "ZZ" October 28 2021      


male DreamCoon Zollikofen

DreamCoon Zollikofen
Sold to Justin & Leanne from Great Falls, Virginia

male DreamCoon Zermatt

DreamCoon Zermatt
Reserved by Victoria from Belize, Central America

female DreamCoon Zeena

DreamCoon Zeena
Reserved by Jordan

male DreamCoon Zürich

DreamCoon Zürich
Sold to Tanner from Germantown, Wisconsin

Litter "Z" October 28 2021      


male DreamCoon Zanken PP

DreamCoon Zanken PP
Reserved by Christine from Mesa, Arizona

male DreamCoon Zenitsu PP

DreamCoon Zenitsu PP
Reserved by Luis from Manville, New Jersey

female DreamCoon Zodiac PP

DreamCoon Zodiac PP
Reserved by Jack from Washington, D.C.

Litter "Y" October 25 2021      


male DreamCoon Yoda

DreamCoon Yoda
Sold to Richard from Cockeysville, Maryland

Litter "V" October 18 2021      


female DreamCoon Vincentia

DreamCoon Vincentia
Sold to Lilia from Frostproof, Florida

Litter PMJ October 15 2021      


male Pomme de Terre

Pomme de Terre
Reserved by Alicia from Alexandria, Virginia

female Petaluma

Reserved by Kathleen from Michigan

female Paw Paw

Paw Paw
Reserved by Owen from Centerbrook, Connecticut

female Pembina


male Peckman

Reserved by Mary Lynn from Brentwood, Tennessee

Litter OMJ October 12 2021      


male One Hundred and Two

One Hundred and Two
Reserved by Kimberly from Marblehead, Massachusetts

male Occoquan

Reserved by April from Tucson, Arizona

female Ouachita


female Oleta


Litter "R" September 28 2021      


male DreamCoon Rio

DreamCoon Rio
Sold to Cathy from Mineral, Virginia

female DreamCoon Rajni

DreamCoon Rajni
Sold to Tiffany from Union, Kentucky

female DreamCoon Ru PP

DreamCoon Ru PP
Sold to Cathy from Mineral, Virginia

male DreamCoon Renshu

DreamCoon Renshu
Sold to Holly from California, Maryland

female DreamCoon Ruomei

DreamCoon Ruomei
Sold to Sharon from Quinton, Virginia

Litter "O" September 27 2021      


male DreamCoon Oliverus

DreamCoon Oliverus
Sold to Megan from Midlothian, Virginia

Litter "NMJ" September 15 2021      


male Ntokozo

Sold to Mary from Boston, Massachusetts

male Njowga

Sold to Annabelle from Woodbridge, Virginia

female Nyoyaka

Sold to Taylor from Tucson, Arizona

Litter "MMJ" September 14 2021      


female Fa Ying

Fa Ying
Sold to Nathan from Baltimore, Maryland

male Chaem Choi

Chaem Choi
Reserved by Corey

Litter "P" September 05 2021      


male DreamCoon Portugal

DreamCoon Portugal
Sold to Janelle from Ilion, New York

male DreamCoon Pikachu

DreamCoon Pikachu
Sold to Larisa from Arlington, Virginia

female DreamCoon Palladia Emeralda

DreamCoon Palladia Emeralda
Sold to Shanna from Vernal, Utah

male DreamCoon Pablo

DreamCoon Pablo
Sold to Janelle from Ilion, New York

Litter "L" September 01 2021      


female DreamCoon Lika PP

DreamCoon Lika PP
Sold to Linda & Dennis from Wake Forest, North Carolina

male DreamCoon Lu PP

DreamCoon Lu PP
Sold to Jennifer & Lee from Vineland, New Jersey

Litter "T" August 30 2021      


female DreamCoon Massandra

DreamCoon Massandra
Sold to Sherry and Roger from Henrico, Virginia

female DreamCoon Moldova

DreamCoon Moldova
Sold to Sarah from Washington, D.C.

male DreamCoon Minsk

DreamCoon Minsk
Sold to James from Richmond, Virginia

female DreamCoon Moscow

DreamCoon Moscow
Sold to Aaron and Alaina from Richmond. Virginia

Litter "J" August 12 2021      


male DreamCoon Jungle

DreamCoon Jungle
Reserved by Shelby from Butler, Tennessee

male DreamCoon Jangareddigudem

DreamCoon Jangareddigudem
Sold to Austin from Williamsburg, Virginia

female DreamCoon Jacarta

DreamCoon Jacarta
Sold to Heather from Willow Spring, North Carolina

female DreamCoon Jola Bear

DreamCoon Jola Bear
Sold to Kenneth from Brentwood, Maryland

female DreamCoon Jupiterina

DreamCoon Jupiterina
Sold to Stéphan & Marianne from Paris, France

female DreamCoon Joanna Tuxedo

DreamCoon Joanna Tuxedo
Sold to Roy friom Bossier City, Louisiana

female DreamCoon Jasmina

DreamCoon Jasmina
Sold to Corie from Springfield, Virginia

Litter "S" July 15 2021      


male DreamCoon Samuelio

DreamCoon Samuelio
Sold to David from Asheboro, North Carolina

female DreamCoon Somali

DreamCoon Somali
Sold to Lena from Moscow, Russia

male DreamCoon Smoky Palau

DreamCoon Smoky Palau
Sold to Anna from Miami, Florida

Litter "L" July 12 2021      


female DreamCoon Lauretta

DreamCoon Lauretta
Sold to Jamella from Buckhannon, West Virginia

female DreamCoon La Scarola

DreamCoon La Scarola
Sold to Renee from Palmyra, Virginia

Litter "LMJ" June 26 2021      



Litter "E" June 23 2021      


male DreamCoon Edinburgh

DreamCoon Edinburgh
Sold to Brian and Jennifer from Woodbridge, Virginia

female DreamCoon Elizabeth

DreamCoon Elizabeth
Sold to Deborah and James from Stanley, Virginia

female DreamCoon Europa

DreamCoon Europa
Sold to Teresa from Chesapeake, Virginia

female DreamCoon Energia

DreamCoon Energia
Sold to David from Elizabethtown, Kentucky

female DreamCoon Enigma

DreamCoon Enigma
Sold to Bryan from Mooresville, North Carolina

Litter "F" June 12 2021      


male DreamCoon Farid

DreamCoon Farid
Sold to Sawyer from Seaford, Virginia

male DreamCoon Foxy Max

DreamCoon Foxy Max
Sold to Leslie from Copper hill, Virginia

male DreamCoon Fluffy Ice

DreamCoon Fluffy Ice
Sold to Gregg from Portland, Oregon

Litter "N" June 01 2021      


female DreamCoon Nasa

DreamCoon Nasa
Sold to Jasmine from Woodbridge, Virginia

female DreamCoon Netgera

DreamCoon Netgera
Sold to Virginia Beach, Virginia

Litter "I" May 25 2021      


male DreamCoon Iridium Jazz

DreamCoon Iridium Jazz
Sold to Josh and Carey from Manassas, Virginia

male DreamCoon Isidor Fröström

DreamCoon Isidor Fröström
Sold to Raquele from Chester, Virginia

male DreamCoon Iron Vitamin

DreamCoon Iron Vitamin
Sold to Kevin and Brand from Disputanta, Virginia

male DreamCoon Iran Silver

DreamCoon Iran Silver
Sold to Heintje from Wake County /Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

male DreamCoon Ichban

DreamCoon Ichban
Sold to Nicole from Milton, Pennsylvania

Litter "H" May 14 2021      


female DreamCoon Hami

DreamCoon Hami
Sold to Katherine from Winchester, Virginia

male DreamCoon Hornet Ali

DreamCoon Hornet Ali
Sold to Kaie from Virginia Beach, Virginia

female DreamCoon Honda

DreamCoon Honda
Sold to Sherry and Roger from Henrico, Virginia

male DreamCoon Hobart

DreamCoon Hobart
Sold to Mark from Centreville, Virginia

male DreamCoon Herndon

DreamCoon Herndon
Sold to Wendel from Salem, Virginia

male DreamCoon Hannover

DreamCoon Hannover
Sold to Emily from Orlando, Florida

female DreamCoon Havana

DreamCoon Havana
Sold to Linda from Wake Forest, North Carolina

Litter "J" May 12 2021      


male DreamCoon Joy Cartoon

DreamCoon Joy Cartoon
Reserved by Lisa from Baltimore, Maryland

male DreamCoon Jurasic

DreamCoon Jurasic
Sold to Marion from Winchester, Massachusetts

Litter "MKA" April 25 2021      


male Finn

Sold to Vera from North Port, Florida

male Tiernan

Sold to David from Asheboro, North Carolina

male Lorcan

Sold to Chris from Nokomis, Florida

male Donal

Sold to Natalya from Sarasota, Florida

female Orla

Sold to Irina from Fort Myers, Florida

female Nuala

Sold to Amy from Cape Coral, Florida

female Shauna

Sold to John from Miami, Florida

Litter "M" April 22 2021      


male DreamCoon ‎Monpansie

DreamCoon ‎Monpansie
Reserved by Elisa fromWinchester, Virginia

Litter "KMJ" April 16 2021      


female Kungsbacka

Sold to Mary Ann from Norfolk, Virginia

male Kristianstad ghost

Kristianstad ghost
Sold to Sheldon from Sacramento, California

female Kleopanther

Sold to Mary Ann from Smithfield, Virginia

female Krassel

Sold to New York

male Keystone

Sold to Joseph from Mount Vernon, New York

Litter "D" April 11 2021      


female DreamCoon Danissia

DreamCoon Danissia
Sold to Rebecca and Ross from Glenn Allen, Virginia

Liter "F" April 08 2021      


female DreamCoon France

DreamCoon France
Sold to Ginger from Winchester, Kentucky

Litter "B" April 02 2021      


male DreamCoon B'ark

DreamCoon B'ark
Sold to Vickie from Ashburn, Virginia

female DreamCoon Bachia

DreamCoon Bachia
Sold to Heintje from Wake County /Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

female DreamCoon Bordogna

DreamCoon Bordogna
Sold to Judy from Indianapolis,Indiana

male DreamCoon Bonaparte

DreamCoon Bonaparte
Sold to Sharon from Catlitt, Virginian

female DreamCoon Bridgette Blue

DreamCoon Bridgette Blue
Sold to Sharon from Catlitt, Virginia

male DreamCoon Bonsoir

DreamCoon Bonsoir
Sold to Jacob from Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

male DreamCoon Bonjour

DreamCoon Bonjour
Sold to Joanne from Woodstock, Maryland

male DreamCoon Bellissimo

DreamCoon Bellissimo
Sold to Sejad from Ewing, New Jersey

male DreamCoon Bernardo Nero

DreamCoon Bernardo Nero
Sold to Jessica from Emporia, Virginia

Litter "G" March 30 2021      


female DreamCoon Givenchy Marcia

DreamCoon Givenchy Marcia
Sold to Victoria from Baltimore, Maryland

male DreamCoon Goochland

DreamCoon Goochland
Sold to Alyssa from Haskell, New Jersey

male DreamCoon Grizley

DreamCoon Grizley
Sold to Lee from Powhatan, Virginia

female DreamCoon Gerbera Daisy

DreamCoon Gerbera Daisy
Sold to Brian from Hollywood, California

male DreamCoon Greensboro

DreamCoon Greensboro
Sold to Marshall from Sioux Falls, South Dakota

male DreamCoon Grand Dustin

DreamCoon Grand Dustin
Sold to Anna from Alexandria, Virginia

male DreamCoon Gorgi

DreamCoon Gorgi
Sold to Jennifer from Chula Vista, California

female DreamCoon Gerda Rossi

DreamCoon Gerda Rossi
Sold to Lindsay from Glen Rock, Pennsylvania

AKS March 24 2021      


female Raya

Stay whith us

female Tina Marmori

Tina Marmori
Sold to Gloria from Las Cruces, New Mexico

female Maxine Sininen

Maxine Sininen
Sold to Gloria from Las Cruces, New Mexico

male Rocky Ping

Rocky Ping
Sold to Gloria from Las Cruces, New Mexico

Litter "1MJ" March 09 2021      


male 1st Warrior

1st Warrior
Sold to Mary from Marlborough, Massachusetts

Litter "IMJ" March 01 2021      


female Inakanta Beloved of Sun

Inakanta Beloved of Sun
Sold to Betty from Burlingame, California

male Indukanth as the Moon

Indukanth as the Moon
Sold to New Hampshire

male Ishwar

Sold to Brian and Judy from Bozeman, Montana

Litter "K" March 01 2021      


male DreamCoon Kinsley

DreamCoon Kinsley
Sold to Tyler from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

male DreamCoon Klinton

DreamCoon Klinton
Sold to Tyler from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

male DreamCoon Keffir

DreamCoon Keffir
Stay whith us

Litter "K" February 14 2021      


female DreamCoon Kenia

DreamCoon Kenia
Sold to Samantha from Gainesville, Virginia

male DreamCoon Kohinoor

DreamCoon Kohinoor
Sold to Kenneth from Virginia Beach, Virginia

male DreamCoon Kaalappan

DreamCoon Kaalappan
Sold to Wesley from Grayling, Michigan

male DreamCoon Kemer

DreamCoon Kemer
Sold to Gloria from Las Cruces, New Mexico

female DreamCoon Kushinada

DreamCoon Kushinada
Sold to Joshua from Leesburg, Virginia

male DreamCoon Kadesh

DreamCoon Kadesh
Sold to Kathryn from Herndon, Virginia

male DreamCoon Kiril

DreamCoon Kiril
Sold to Nataly from Waldorf, Maryland

Litter "B" February 12 2021      


male DreamCoon Bruni

DreamCoon Bruni
Sold to Nok from Norfolk, Virginia

male DreamCoon Boomer

DreamCoon Boomer
Sold to Sara from Wilmington manor, Delaware

male DreamCoon Banan

DreamCoon Banan
Sold to Angela from Cary, North Carolina

male DreamCoon Bean Dip

DreamCoon Bean Dip
Sold to Gloria from Las Cruces, New Mexico

Litter "BAP" February 04 2021      


male Dos

Sold to Amoret

male Ted

Sold to Sarah from Pittsboro, North Carolina

female Blue

Sold to Kathleen from Michigan

male Uno


Litter "N" February 02 2021      


male DreamCoon Nojus the Fighter

DreamCoon Nojus the Fighter
Sold to Brian from Bozeman, Montana

male DreamCoon Nostradamus

DreamCoon Nostradamus
Sold to Alexandra from Glen Burnie, Maryland

female DreamCoon Nonna

DreamCoon Nonna
Sold to Karen from Glade Hill, Virginia

Litter "HMJ" January 27 2021      



Litter "LJE" January 27 2021      



Litter "A" January 16 2021      


female DreamCoon Amina

DreamCoon Amina
Sold to Diane from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Litter "GMJ" December 25 2020      


male Simon

Sold to Kimberly

male Foma

Sold to Matthew from Rockville Centre, New York

male Ioann

Sold to Ellen from Worcester, Massachusetts

Litter "G" December 24 2020      


male DreamCoon Mescal

DreamCoon Mescal
Sold to Taylor from Richmond, Virginia

female DreamCoon Messalina

DreamCoon Messalina
Sold to Seanita from Bencley, West Virginia

male DreamCoon Gustavo Mafio

DreamCoon Gustavo Mafio
Sold to Marley and Joshua from Elizabethton, Tennessee

Litter "F" December 17 2020      


male DreamCoon Franco

DreamCoon Franco
Sold to Jordan from King George, Virginia

male DreamCoon Francisc

DreamCoon Francisc
Sold to Samantha from Gainesville, Virginia

male DreamCoon Fumario

DreamCoon Fumario
Sold to Gloria from Las Cruces, New Mexico

female DreamCoon Fortaleza

DreamCoon Fortaleza
Sold to Robyn from Holyoke, Massachusetts

female DreamCoon Fergana

DreamCoon Fergana
Sold to Annetta from Carthage, Missouri

male DreamCoon Frankfurt PP

DreamCoon Frankfurt PP
Sold to Matthew from Palmyra, Virginia

Litter "XMJ" December 09 2020      


male Xolo

Sold to Brittney from Montgomery Village, Maryland

male Xiti

Sold to Mary from Boones Mill, Virginia

Litter "D" December 04 2020      


female DreamCoon D'Empire

DreamCoon D'Empire
Sold to Betty from Burlingame, California

Litter "Z" November 26 2020      


male DreamCoon Zucotto

DreamCoon Zucotto
Sold to John from Fredericksburg, Virginia

male DreamCoon Zephyrus

DreamCoon Zephyrus
Sold to Shelda from Midlothian, Virginia

male DreamCoon Zoltran

DreamCoon Zoltran
Sold to Brian from Richmond, Virginia

male DreamCoon Zai

DreamCoon Zai
Sold to Sandra frfom Richfield, Pennsylvania

Litter "X" November 20 2020      


male DreamCoon Xarles

DreamCoon Xarles
Sold to Gwendolyn from Lillington, North Carolina

female DreamCoon Xandra Smoke

DreamCoon Xandra Smoke
Sold to Shannon from Bristow, Virginia

male DreamCoon Xanders

DreamCoon Xanders
Sold to Linda from Hanover, Pennsylvania

female DreamCoon Xirda PP

DreamCoon Xirda PP
Sold to Rose from Salem, Oregon

male DreamCoon Xoxa PP

DreamCoon Xoxa PP
Sold to Jeremiah from Los Angeles, California

male DreamCoon X-man PP

DreamCoon X-man PP
Sold to Christopher from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

female DreamCoon Xeraphina PP

DreamCoon Xeraphina PP
Sold to Shinobu from Cheasapeake, Virginia

Litter LNB November 07 2020      


female Princess Anna

Princess Anna
Sold to Eliza from Richmond, Virginia

male Plumes

Sold to Taylor from NYC, New York

male Prince Arthur

Prince Arthur
Sold to William from Burlington, Vermont

Litter "WMJ" November 04 2020      


male Twiford Urhea

Twiford Urhea
Sold to Alyssa from Haskell, New Jersey

female Aada

Sold to Olga from Boston, Massachusetts

Litter "W" November 01 2020      


male DreamCoon Walton John

DreamCoon Walton John
Sold to Mary from Boston, Massachusetts

female DreamCoon Whinta

DreamCoon Whinta
Sold to Mark and Jillian from Manchester, New Hampshire

female DreamCoon Whirling Butterfly

DreamCoon Whirling Butterfly
Sold to Jamie from Hudson, Hew Hampshire

male DreamCoon White Evening

DreamCoon White Evening
Sold to Tony from Arlington, Virginia

Litter "Y" October 28 2020      


female DreamCoon Flower Alina

DreamCoon Flower Alina
Sold to Caitlin from Chesterfield, Virginia

female DreamCoon Fragrantica

DreamCoon Fragrantica
Sold to Caitlin from Chesterfield, Virginia

female DreamCoon Finlandia

DreamCoon Finlandia
Sold to Antonio from Goldsboro, North Carolina

female DreamCoon Fletcher

DreamCoon Fletcher
Sold to Ray from Bath, Pennsylvania

female DreamCoon Faina Marci

DreamCoon Faina Marci
Sold to William from Rhoadsville, Virginia

female DreamCoon Fantazie

DreamCoon Fantazie
Sold to Samuel from Watertown, New York

male DreamCoon Foxey

DreamCoon Foxey
Sold to Lev from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

male DreamCoon Foxtrot

DreamCoon Foxtrot
Sold to Brian from Phialdelphia, Pennsylvania

female DreamCoon Ferissa

DreamCoon Ferissa
Sold to Kimberly from Falls Church, Virginia

Litter "JJ" October 28 2020      


female DreamCoon Jetta Precious

DreamCoon Jetta Precious
Sold to Kitana from Reston, Virginia

female DreamCoon Jaguaria

DreamCoon Jaguaria
Sold to Mary from Rhoadsville, Pennsylvania

female DreamCoon Januaria

DreamCoon Januaria
Sold to Sharon from Las Vegas, Nevada

Litter "J" October 28 2020      


male DreamCoon January

DreamCoon January
Sold to Jenna from Baltimore, Maryland

Litter KPA October 28 2020      


female DreamCoon Luciandra

DreamCoon Luciandra
Sold to Pamela from Aberdeen, Maryland

male DreamCoon Luka

DreamCoon Luka
Sold to Stacey from Annandale, Virginia

male DreamCoon La Maer

DreamCoon La Maer
Sold to Kim from Greece, NY

Litter "U" October 25 2020      


male DreamCoon U-96

DreamCoon U-96
Sold to Christina from Midlothian, VA

male DreamCoon Uncle

DreamCoon Uncle
Sold to Renee from Asheville, North Carolina

female DreamCoon Uxpressia

DreamCoon Uxpressia
Sold to Emmaline

male DreamCoon Unix Cat

DreamCoon Unix Cat
Sold to Susan from Hillsborough, North Carolina

male DreamCoon Ubiquitous Zombie Thomas

DreamCoon Ubiquitous Zombie Thomas
Sold to Arinzechukwu from Richmond, Virginia

female DreamCoon Unamomenta

DreamCoon Unamomenta
Sold to Mikayla from Hampton, Virginia

female DreamCoon Ursinia

DreamCoon Ursinia
Sold to Christina from Parkersburg, WV

Litter UMJ October 08 2020      



Litter "J" October 05 2020      


male DreamCoon Jagger Weicher

DreamCoon Jagger Weicher
Sold to Ray from Hampton, Virginia

Litter "SKA" October 01 2020      


male Aligent of DreamCoon

Aligent of DreamCoon
Sold to Patricia from Canfield, Ohio

Litter TMJ September 30 2020      


female Étoile

Sold to Cindy from Colorado Springs, Colorado

male Tarte aux Pommes

Tarte aux Pommes
Sold to Terrence from Pownal, Vermont

male Pudding aux Fraises

Pudding aux Fraises
Sold to Annamarie from Wilmington, North Carolina

female Lagona d'argent de la Lune

Lagona d'argent de la Lune
Sold to Jenine from Hayward, California

male —harme Français

—harme Français
Sold to Sean and Qi from Arcadia, California

Litter "E" September 20 2020      


female DreamCoon Estatica

DreamCoon Estatica
Sold to Kyle from Huntington Beach, California

Litter "M" September 17 2020      


male DreamCoon Mercury Fawn

DreamCoon Mercury Fawn
Sold to Allegra from Louisville, Tennessee

female DreamCoon Macarena

DreamCoon Macarena
Sold to Nathan from Baltimore, Maryland

male DreamCoon McDuck

DreamCoon McDuck
Sold to Kevin & Carie from Centerville, Tennessee

male DreamCoon Mo

DreamCoon Mo
Sold to Julie from Fredericksburg, Virginia

male DreamCoon Marselon

DreamCoon Marselon
Sold to Jefrey from Midlothian, Virginia

male DreamCoon Milton

Sold to Joseph from Great Falls, VA

male DreamCoon Murris

DreamCoon Murris
Sold to Henry from New Orleans, Louisiana

Litter "T" September 15 2020      


male DreamCoon Tart

DreamCoon Tart
Sold to Dustin from Richmond, Virginia

female DreamCoon Tamila Gerbera

DreamCoon Tamila Gerbera
Sold to Jason from Crozier, Virginia

male DreamCoon Togo Ginseng

DreamCoon Togo Ginseng
Sold to Kathleen from Cleveland, Mississippi

female DreamCoon Tara Cloudia

DreamCoon Tara Cloudia
Sold to Pamela from Cumberland, Maryland

female DreamCoon Taisa

DreamCoon Taisa
Sold to Audrey from Norfolk, VA

female DreamCoon Tea Milka

DreamCoon Tea Milka
Sold to Ty from Roscoe, Montana

male DreamCoon Tamerlan

DreamCoon Tamerlan
Sold to Korin and Jeremy from US Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

male DreamCoon Torreador

DreamCoon Torreador
Sold to Phyllis from Harnett bunnlevel, North Carolina

female DreamCoon Teana

DreamCoon Teana
Sold to Anthony and Maranda from Ashburn, Virginia

female DreamCoon Tesla

DreamCoon Tesla
Sold to Moana from Iowa City, Iowa

Litter "APA" August 18 2020      


male DreamCoon Vasser

DreamCoon Vasser
Sold to Christopher from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Litter "S" August 16 2020      


male DreamCoon Scooby

DreamCoon Scooby
Sold to Grace from Vienna, Virginia

male DreamCoon Scooterz

DreamCoon Scooterz
Sold to Ally from San Diego, California

female DreamCoon Sarah Dow

DreamCoon Sarah Dow
Sold to Rocky from Milano, Texas

Litter "B" August 14 2020      


male DreamCoon Brother Thomas

DreamCoon Brother Thomas
Sold to Darrell from Alexandria, Virginia

male DreamCoon Brooke Sin

DreamCoon Brooke Sin
Sold to Amanda from Virginia Beach, Virginia

male DreamCoon Basmathi

DreamCoon Basmathi
Sold to Eric from Moses Lake, Washington

male DreamCoon Bruno Grande

DreamCoon Bruno Grande
Sold to Kristen from Maineville, Ohio

Litter "A" August 04 2020      


male DreamCoon Arctic Max

DreamCoon Arctic Max
Sold to Ty from Roscoe, Montana

male DreamCoon Arkansas

DreamCoon Arkansas
Sold to Ronald from Virginia Beach, Virginia

female DreamCoon Antalia

DreamCoon Antalia
Sold to Joseph from Brighton, Massachusetts

Litter "R" July 11 2020      


female DreamCoon Roxalana

DreamCoon Roxalana
Sold to Thomas from Ballston Spa, New York

male DreamCoon Romario

DreamCoon Romario
Sold to Carlo from Baltimore, Maryland

Litter "F" July 09 2020      


male DreamCoon Ferguson

DreamCoon Ferguson
Sold to Fred & Rebecca from Stephens City, Virginia

male DreamCoon Fort Faxe

DreamCoon Fort Faxe
Sold to Alex from Burlington, Vermont

male DreamCoon Fremont

DreamCoon Fremont
Sold to Nick from College Station, Texas

male DreamCoon Fargo

DreamCoon Fargo
Sold to David & Dion from Las Vegas, Nevada

female DreamCoon Florida Dam

DreamCoon Florida Dam
Sold to Brittney from Charlottesville, Virginia

Litter "SMJ" July 01 2020      


male Sailor

Sold to Caroline and David from Bensalem, Pennsylvania

male Saxon

Sold to Timothy from El Paso, Texas

QMJ June 19 2020      


female Quintessa Una Principessa

Quintessa Una Principessa
Sold to Eliza from Charlottesville, Virginia

female Quieta Bella

Quieta Bella
Sold to Haley from South Boston, MA

male Quintiliano

Sold to Courtney from Charlottesville, Virginia

male Querano Tigre a Strisce

Querano Tigre a Strisce
Sold to David & Dion from Las Vegas, Nevada

female Quartilla

Sold to Renee & Rick from Bethesda, Maryland

Litter "T" June 08 2020      


male DreamCoon Tung Chi

DreamCoon Tung Chi
Sold to Joseph from Brighton, Massachusetts

female DreamCoon Tai-Sun

DreamCoon Tai-Sun
Sold to Sharon from Washington DC

Litter "S" June 07 2020      


male DreamCoon Sumong PP

DreamCoon Sumong PP
Sold to Olesya from Alexandria, Virginia

Litter "RMJ" June 06 2020      


female Rita Silverren

Rita Silverren
Sold to Lynn from Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Litter "KC" June 01 2020      


male DreamCoon Kelt Roland

DreamCoon Kelt Roland
Sold to Julie from Thibodaux, Louisiana

male DreamCoon Kevin King

DreamCoon Kevin King
Sold to Annetta from Carthage, Missouri

female DreamCoon Kalinka

DreamCoon Kalinka
Sold to James from Montgomery Village, Maryland

male DreamCoon Keddi

DreamCoon Keddi
Sold to Jon from Washington, DC

male DreamCoon Keaton Dell

DreamCoon Keaton Dell
Sold to Ann and Paul from Glen Allen, Virginia

Litter "LNA" May 24 2020      


male Ari Riku

Ari Riku
Sold to Dawn from Cardiff, California

male Amaterasu Hanako

Amaterasu Hanako
Sold to Amine from Houston, Texas

female Atacama Akira

Atacama Akira
Sold to Dakota from Salt Lake City, Utah

Litter "PMJ" May 24 2020      


female Pusha

Sold to Cindy from Augusta, Georgia

female Phalguni

Sold to Susan from Charlottesville, Virginia

female Paramita

Sold to Ciara from Arlington, Virginia

male Padmabandhu

Sold to Maryam from Fez, the Kingdom of Morocco

Litter "C" May 10 2020      


male DreamCoon Chander

DreamCoon Chander
Sold to Ed & Janet from Boonsboro, Maryland

female DreamCoon Cheetah

DreamCoon Cheetah
Sold to Robert from Thousand Oaks, California

female DreamCoon Cyra Chaandee

DreamCoon Cyra Chaandee
Sold to Pat from Canfield, Ohio

male DreamCoon Cedi Dhoosar

DreamCoon Cedi Dhoosar
Sold to Jordan from Easton, Maryland

male DreamCoon Chandipati

DreamCoon Chandipati
Sold to Jeremy from Hagerstow, Maryland

male DreamCoon Chandrakanth

DreamCoon Chandrakanth
Sold to Sigourney from Charlottesville, Virginia

Litter "M" May 04 2020      


male DreamCoon Mangostine Sweet Fruit

DreamCoon Mangostine Sweet Fruit
Sold to Renee from Williamsburg, Virginia

male DreamCoon Mathvey

DreamCoon Mathvey
Sold to Victoria

male DreamCoon Maverick

DreamCoon Maverick
Sold to Danielle & Kevin from Roanoke, VA

female DreamCoon Marsitta

DreamCoon Marsitta
Sold to Melissa from Smyrna, Delaware

Litter "B" May 01 2020      


male DreamCoon Borisych

DreamCoon Borisych
Sold to Dawn from Siler City, North Carolina

male DreamCoon Batman

DreamCoon Batman
Sold to Jefrey from Troutville, VA

male DreamCoon Brazil

DreamCoon Brazil
Sold to Rocky from Milano, Texas

male DreamCoon Bronco

DreamCoon Bronco
Sold to David & Dion from Las Vegas, Nevada

male DreamCoon Bamboo Ulker

DreamCoon Bamboo Ulker
Sold to Laurie from Lake Placid, New York

male DreamCoon Bonsai

DreamCoon Bonsai
Sold to Gregory from Mesa, Arizona

male DreamCoon Bilbao Best of Spain

DreamCoon Bilbao Best of Spain
Sold to Kelvin from Glen Burnie, Maryland

Litter "Z" April 27 2020      


female DreamCoon Diamantina Belleza

DreamCoon Diamantina Belleza
Sold to Elizabeth from Newport News, Virginia

female DreamCoon Dana Lia

DreamCoon Dana Lia
Sold to Carol from Ridgewood, New Jersey

female DreamCoon Dw Bettina

DreamCoon Dw Bettina
Sold to Noel from Midlothian, Virginia

female DreamCoon Dominicana

DreamCoon Dominicana
Sold to Towanna from Montclair, New Jersey

female DreamCoon Diva Ruslana

DreamCoon Diva Ruslana
Sold to Stacy from New Cumberland, Pennsylvania

male DreamCoon D'Artangan PP

DreamCoon D'Artangan PP
Sold to Milan from Washington D.C.

Litter "K" April 11 2020      



Litter "X" March 25 2020      


female DreamCoon Xamira

DreamCoon Xamira
Sold to Michelle from Rolesville, North Carolina

male DreamCoon Xylocarp

DreamCoon Xylocarp
Sold to David from Huntersville, North Carolina

male DreamCoon Xerochrysum

DreamCoon Xerochrysum
Sold to Izzy from New Jersey

Litter "U" March 23 2020      


male DreamCoon UFO PP

DreamCoon UFO PP
Stay whith us

male DreamCoon Utimate PP

DreamCoon Utimate PP
Sold to Brain from Frederick, Maryland

female DreamCoon Usha Argenta

DreamCoon Usha Argenta
Sold to Joseph from Centreville, Virginia

male DreamCoon Uthman

DreamCoon Uthman
Sold to Sheila

Litter "OMJ" March 11 2020      


male Owethu Thuthuka

Owethu Thuthuka
Sold to Janiel from Camden, New Jersey

male Orange Imvubu

Orange Imvubu
Sold to Laurie from Anchorage, Alaska

Litter "V" March 08 2020      



Litter "R" February 06 2020      


female DreamCoon Raminta

DreamCoon Raminta
Sold to April and John from Hampton, Virginia

male DreamCoon Red Cookie

DreamCoon Red Cookie
Sold to Kendall from Saulsville, West Virginia

Litter "P6" February 02 2020      


male DreamCoon Pemberton

DreamCoon Pemberton
Sold to Michael from Frederick, Maryland

male DreamCoon Picasso

DreamCoon Picasso
Sold to Joe and Tricia, veterinarian from New Market, Maryland

male Dreamcoon Palau

Dreamcoon Palau
Sold to Christine from Richmond, Virginia

Litter "04" January 02 2020      


male DreamCoon Lambic

DreamCoon Lambic
Sold to Nickolas from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

male DreamCoon Like Oui

DreamCoon Like Oui
Sold to Helen from Norfolk, Virginia

female DreamCoon Lima White Princess

DreamCoon Lima White Princess
Sold to Maggie from Stafford, Virginia

Litter "NMJ" December 25 2019      


male Nepal

Sold to Joseph from Preston Maryland

female Nanjhi

Stay whith us

female Nokha

Sold to Eugenia from McAllen, Texas

Litter "MX" December 23 2019      


male Kamysh of DreamCoon

Kamysh of DreamCoon
Sold to Eric from South Berwick, Maine

Litter "K" December 17 2019      


male DreamCoon Kernel

DreamCoon Kernel
Sold to David from Centreville, Virginia

male DreamCoon Kazachok

DreamCoon Kazachok
Sold to Scott from Lockport, New York

female DreamCoon Knyaginya PP

DreamCoon Knyaginya PP
Sold to Chris from Salem, Virginia

male DreamCoon Knight Friend

DreamCoon Knight Friend
Sold to Jenna from Wilmington, Delaware

male DreamCoon Kolovrat

DreamCoon Kolovrat
Sold to David from Chesapeake, Virginia

Litter "A" December 15 2019      


female DreamCoon Alaska II

DreamCoon Alaska II
Sold to Susie from Novice,Texas

male DreamCoon Alan Mars

DreamCoon Alan Mars
Sold to Cathryn from Roanoke, Virginia

male DreamCoon Arney

DreamCoon Arney
Sold to Meagan from Monroe, New York

male DreamCoon Armagnac

DreamCoon Armagnac
Sold to Misha from Sarasota, Florida

male DreamCoon Adonis Vernalis

DreamCoon Adonis Vernalis
Sold to Vladimir from North Chesterfield, Virginia

male DreamCoon Atmos

DreamCoon Atmos
Sold to Robbin from Hillsborough, North Carolina

male DreamCoon Archibald

DreamCoon Archibald
Sold to Sharon from Short Pump, Virginia

female DreamCoon Adelaida Star

DreamCoon Adelaida Star
Sold to Lee from Oakdale, Minnesota

Litter "MMJ" December 08 2019      


male Markel Ka ʻoi loa

Markel Ka ʻoi loa
Sold to Alyssa from North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

female Marjorie Pua

Marjorie Pua
Sold to Andrea from Jefferson, Georgia

male Magnus Hoʻomālamalama

Magnus Hoʻomālamalama
Sold to Diana from Lebanon, Virginia

male Macario Nani

Macario Nani
Sold to Sandy from Fishersville, Virginia

female Maaike

Stay whith us

Litter "CQ" December 04 2019      


male Tyg Duc

Tyg Duc
Sold to Kaitlin from Chicago, Illinois

Litter "D" December 04 2019      


female DreamCoon Dominica

DreamCoon Dominica
Sold to Ian from Winston Salem, North Carolina

female DreamCoon Darth Verthdra

DreamCoon Darth Verthdra
Sold to Maggie from Stafford, Virginia

female DreamCoon Degoya

DreamCoon Degoya
Sold to Brittany from Hagerstown, Maryland

male DreamCoon Dior Deffen

DreamCoon Dior Deffen
Sold to Marley and Joshua from Elizabethton, Tennessee

male DreamCoon Dorian Grey

DreamCoon Dorian Grey
Sold to Daphne from West Chester, Ohio

male DreamCoon Dominion

DreamCoon Dominion
Sold to Damien from Raleigh, North Carolina

female DreamCoon Darina II

DreamCoon Darina II
Sold to Arianna from Puyallup, Washington

female DreamCoon Dementina

DreamCoon Dementina
Sold to Lana from Edgewood, Maryland

male DreamCoon Danissimo

DreamCoon Danissimo
Sold to Marianne from Ashburn, Virginia

Litter "VJ" November 06 2019      


male DreamCoon Simba

DreamCoon Simba
Sold to Barbara from McLean, Virginia

male DreamCoon Vanuatu

DreamCoon Vanuatu
Sold to Maggie from Alexandria, Virginia

female DreamCoon Veronique

DreamCoon Veronique
Sold to Diana from Baltimore, Maryland

male DreamCoon Verlan French

DreamCoon Verlan French
Sold to Ellen from Midlothian, Virginia

male DreamCoon Vulco Wilrijk

DreamCoon Vulco Wilrijk
Sold to Jennifer from Cordova, Maryland

male DreamCoon Valentijn

DreamCoon Valentijn
Sold to Elizabeth from Aurora ,Colorado

male DreamCoon Van Damme

DreamCoon Van Damme
Sold to Audrey and James from Mooresville, North Carolina

Litter "VV" October 01 2019      


male DreamCoon Uranium

DreamCoon Uranium
Sold to Laura from Towson, Maryland

male DreamCoon Ultraviolet

DreamCoon Ultraviolet
Sold to Truman from Springboro, Ohio

male DreamCoon Utrecht

DreamCoon Utrecht
Sold to Joseph from Mount Vernon, New York

male DreamCoon Volvo

DreamCoon Volvo
Sold to Richard from Cobbs Creek, Virginia

Littter "A" September 25 2019      



Litter "LMJ" September 24 2019      


male Leopold Leppe Pålle

Leopold Leppe Pålle
Sold to Jerry from Fort Mill, South Carolina

male Laurentius

Sold to Heather and Bunny from Charlottesville, Virginia

male Lars-Ola

Sold to John from Fargo, North Dakota

Litter "KMJ" September 03 2019      


female Kepi Belle Fille

Kepi Belle Fille
Sold to Christina from Saratoga Springs, New York

male Karaté Voie Lactée

Karaté Voie Lactée
Sold to Brian from Kirkwood,†Missouri

Litter "D" August 15 2019      


male DreamCoon Don Urich

DreamCoon Don Urich
Sold to Laurie from New Albany, Indiana

female DreamCoon Dolores

DreamCoon Dolores
Sold to Chris from Ashville, North Carolina

female DreamCoon Della Princess

DreamCoon Della Princess
Sold to Kimberly from Mount Airy, Maryland

male DreamCoon Dumbarton

DreamCoon Dumbarton
Sold to Christopher from Gloucester, Virginia

male DreamCoon Ducatti

DreamCoon Ducatti
Sold to Matthew from Medina, Tennessee

male DreamCoon Dominasio

DreamCoon Dominasio
Sold to Alexander from Huntington, West Virginia

male DreamCoon Dove the White Chocolate

DreamCoon Dove the White Chocolate
Sold to Siyuan from Irvine, California

male DreamCoon Dewalt

DreamCoon Dewalt
Sold to Jozelyn from. Hale Center, Texas

Litter "E" August 15 2019      


male DreamCoon Ernestin Marcell

DreamCoon Ernestin Marcell
Sold to Machao from Durham, North Carolina

male DreamCoon Edelweiss

DreamCoon Edelweiss
Sold to Sharon from Pittstown, New Jersey

Litter "F" August 11 2019      


male DreamCoon Flaminio Squash

DreamCoon Flaminio Squash
Sold to Jonetta from Northborough, Massachusetts

Litter "C" July 30 2019      


male DreamCoon Chaves

DreamCoon Chaves
Sold to Megan from Fort Belvoir, Virginia

male DreamCoon Carlos Craig

DreamCoon Carlos Craig
Sold to Gwendolyn from Leesburg, Virginia

male DreamCoon Charlie Brown

DreamCoon Charlie Brown
Sold to Harold from Pawling, New York

male DreamCoon Corvin

DreamCoon Corvin
Sold to Devin from Hamburg, Pennsylvania

male DreamCoon Columbus

DreamCoon Columbus
Sold to Alexis from Union center, Wisconsin

female DreamCoon Catherine III

DreamCoon Catherine III
Sold to Megan from Las Vegas, Nevada

male DreamCoon Congo

DreamCoon Congo
Sold to Alyssa from Waddell, Arizona

female DreamCoon Cartier

DreamCoon Cartier
Sold to Marni from Edgewater, Maryland

Litter "F" July 28 2019      


male DreamCoon Fibonacci

DreamCoon Fibonacci
Sold to Luran from Charlotte, North Carolina

male DreamCoon Fausto

DreamCoon Fausto
Sold to Marni from Edgewater, Maryland

Litter "AM" July 23 2019      


male DreamCoon Adequate Mistral

DreamCoon Adequate Mistral
Sold to Aaron from Windsor, Virginia

male DreamCoon Astro Alex

DreamCoon Astro Alex
Sold to Nathan from Washington, Pennsylvania

male DreamCoon Alchemyst

DreamCoon Alchemyst
Sold to Tara from Sioux Falls, South Dakota

male DreamCoon Aerosmith

DreamCoon Aerosmith
Sold to Andrey from Hardfort, Connecticut

male DreamCoon Anthracite

DreamCoon Anthracite
Sold to Perry from Virginia Beach, Virginia

male DreamCoon Apaches

DreamCoon Apaches
Sold to Erin from Charlottesville, Virginia

Litter "A" July 15 2019      


male DreamCoon Appolo

DreamCoon Appolo
Sold to Jonetta from Northborough, Massachusetts

male DreamCoon Antares

DreamCoon Antares
Sold to Sventana from San Francisco, California

male DreamCoon Alpine

DreamCoon Alpine
Sold to Jennie from Outer Banks, North Carolina

Litter "AY" July 15 2019      


male DreamCoon Aquos

DreamCoon Aquos
Sold to Natalia from Alexandria, Virginia

female DreamCoon Argentina

DreamCoon Argentina
Sold to Faizan from Alexandria, Virginia

female DreamCoon Andorra la Vella

DreamCoon Andorra la Vella
Sold to Lu from Ithaca, NY

male DreamCoon Archie Master

DreamCoon Archie Master
Sold to Andrea from Nova York, Fora dos EUA, Brazil

male DreamCoon Applebee

DreamCoon Applebee
Sold to Gayle from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

male DreamCoon Anthrax

DreamCoon Anthrax
Sold to Desi from Osprey, Florida

male DreamCoon Albertino

DreamCoon Albertino
Sold to Logan from Del Haven, New Jersey

Litter "V" July 03 2019      


male DreamCoon Vincenzo

DreamCoon Vincenzo
Sold to Kanato from Cedarville, California

female DreamCoon Varta

DreamCoon Varta
Sold to Katrina from Camden, North Carolina

Litter "X" July 01 2019      


male DreamCoon Xalvador Finder

DreamCoon Xalvador Finder
Sold to Samantha from Smithburg, Maryland

male DreamCoon X-File

DreamCoon X-File
Sold to Shauna from Lexington park, Maryland

Litter "IMJ" July 01 2019      


male Ica Blå Drøm

Ica Blå Drøm
Sold to Cherie from Grantsville, Maryland

female Iliana (aka Athena)

Iliana (aka Athena)
Sold to Kailey from Peoria, AZ

male Ike Sølv

Ike Sølv
Sold to Toni from Cheswick, PA

male Ignatius Rød Røyk

Ignatius Rød Røyk
Sold to Stephanie from Washington, District of Columbia

male Icarius Haan

Icarius Haan
Sold to Gustavo from Norfolk, Virginia

Litter "Z" June 23 2019      


male DreamCoon Zay

DreamCoon Zay
Sold to Samuel from North Chesterfield, Virginia

male DreamCoon Zoom

DreamCoon Zoom
Sold to Andrii from Chicago, Illinois

male DreamCoon Zamis

DreamCoon Zamis
Stay whith us

Litter "ARC" June 20 2019      



Litter "X" June 13 2019      


male DreamCoon Xenix

DreamCoon Xenix
Sold to Modesto from Boston, Massachusetts

male DreamCoon Xylitol

DreamCoon Xylitol
Sold to Lupe from Baltimore, Maryland

female DreamCoon Xeniada

DreamCoon Xeniada
Sold to Terry from Calais, Maine

male DreamCoon Xantus

DreamCoon Xantus
Sold to Alexander from Vermont

Litter "Y" May 18 2019      


female DreamCoon Yolande

DreamCoon Yolande
Sold to Frank from Steger, Illinois

female DreamCoon Yuliana Malta

DreamCoon Yuliana Malta
Sold to Austina from Northeastern, Pennsylvania

male DreamCoon Yuves Black

DreamCoon Yuves Black
Sold to Gayle from Baltimore, Maryland

male DreamCoon Y-Fractal

DreamCoon Y-Fractal
Sold to Kanato from Cedarville, California

female DreamCoon Yuliana Smokea

DreamCoon Yuliana Smokea
Sold to Jennifer from Alexandria, Virginia

female DreamCoon Yenna

DreamCoon Yenna
Sold to Jennie from Outer Banks, North Carolina

Litter "U" April 30 2019      


female DreamCoon Yasming

DreamCoon Yasming
Sold to Morgan from Bristol, Tennessee

male DreamCoon Yash

DreamCoon Yash
Sold to Brittany and Cameron from Burlison, Tennesee

Litter "W" April 28 2019      


male DreamCoon Wisconsin Dells

DreamCoon Wisconsin Dells
Sold to Renee from Cresco, Pennsylvania

male DreamCoon Whickey Cavalier

DreamCoon Whickey Cavalier
Sold to Mike from Scotts Hill, Tennessee

male DreamCoon Wheat Bran

DreamCoon Wheat Bran
Sold to Sally from Centreville, Virginia

male DreamCoon Webasto

DreamCoon Webasto
Sold to Joanna from Jacksonville, Florida

male DreamCoon Watt

DreamCoon Watt
Sold to Iuri from Tacoma, Washington

male DreamCoon White Wolfie

DreamCoon White Wolfie
Sold to Anthony from McGregor, Minnesota

female DreamCoon Quinta

DreamCoon Quinta
Sold to Kimberly from Yorktown, Virginia

female DreamCoon Queen of Arabia

DreamCoon Queen of Arabia
Sold to Barbara from Clinton Twp., Michigan

Litter "HMJ" April 25 2019      


female Lacetta

Sold to Rome from Boston, Massachusetts

Litter "N" April 20 2019      


male DreamCoon Night Smoke

DreamCoon Night Smoke
Sold to Hillary from Cypress, Texas

female DreamCoon Nataly

DreamCoon Nataly
Sold to Siyao from Washington, DC

female DreamCoon Nuri

DreamCoon Nuri
Stay whith us

male DreamCoon Narcissus

DreamCoon Narcissus
Sold to Tracy from Stuart, Virginia

male DreamCoon Numpy

DreamCoon Numpy
Sold to Zepeng from Blacksburg, Virginia

male DreamCoon Neapolis

DreamCoon  Neapolis
Sold to Sandra from Kernersville, North Carolina

Litter "MP" April 03 2019      


male DreamCoon Aleksey Frost

DreamCoon Aleksey Frost
Sold to Heather from Seattle, Washington

male DreamCoon Morfey Exeter

DreamCoon Morfey Exeter
Sold to Phillip from Kinnelon, New Jersey

male DreamCoon Maurice

DreamCoon Maurice
Sold to Andrew and Ellen from Richmond, Virginia

male DreamCoon Memphis

DreamCoon Memphis
Sold to David and Dion from Las Vegas, Nevada

male DreamCoon Marvel Medallion

DreamCoon Marvel Medallion
Sold to Qusim from Stantonsburg, North Carolina

male DreamCoon Mayonnaise

DreamCoon Mayonnaise
Sold to our Co-owners Mark and Jill from Manchester, NH

male DreamCoon Matt Platinum

DreamCoon Matt Platinum
Sold to Tommy from Washington, DC

Litter "P" April 03 2019      


male DreamCoon Powhatan

DreamCoon Powhatan
Sold to Kimberly from Mount Airy, Maryland

male DreamCoon Pegasus

DreamCoon Pegasus
Sold to Anna from Worcester, Massachusetts

Litter "GMJ" March 20 2019      


female Gerda

Sold to Shanna from Walpole, Massachusetts

female Gondwana

Sold to Virginia from Palmetto, Florida

male Glen Allen

Glen Allen
Sold to Mary Ann from Norfolk, Virginia

male Golden Lion

Golden Lion
Sold to Justin from Noblesville, Indiana

male Genius Meow

Genius Meow
Sold to Bill from Meridian, Idaho

Litter "NJ" March 06 2019      


male DreamCoon Neptuno

DreamCoon Neptuno
Sold to Noneajean from Providence, Rhode Island

female DreamCoon Nubira

DreamCoon Nubira
Sold to Emily from Sterling, Virginia

female DreamCoon New Lizzie

DreamCoon New Lizzie
Sold to Ernie from Greenville, South Carolina

Litter "L" February 28 2019      


male DreamCoon Löwe

DreamCoon Löwe
Sold to Stephen from Hampton, Virginia

male DreamCoon Leffe

DreamCoon Leffe
Sold to Sonya from Fredericksburg, Virginia

male DreamCoon London Night

DreamCoon London Night
Sold to Brian from Conifer, Colorado

female DreamCoon Laura Zoom

DreamCoon Laura Zoom
Sold to Jill from Parowan, Utah

female DreamCoon La Pingva

DreamCoon La Pingva
Sold to Kathleen from Forestville, New York

Litter "WY" February 23 2019      


female Whickey of DreamCoon

Whickey of DreamCoon
Sold to Paul from Los Angeles, California

Litter "TY" February 15 2019      


female Tuffy of DreamCoon

Tuffy of DreamCoon
Sold to Amanda from Manassas Park, Virginia

Litter "SC" February 12 2019      


female Cleopatra II

Cleopatra II
Sold to Pam from LaGrange, Kentucky

female Cinnamon Pie PP

Cinnamon Pie PP
Sold to Kathleen from Lynchburg, Virginia

Litter "T" January 26 2019      


male DreamCoon Tatoo

DreamCoon Tatoo
Sold to Heather from Leesburg, Virginia

male DreamCoon Texas Ranger

DreamCoon Texas Ranger
Sold to Cat from Powhatan, VA

male DreamCoon Tony Pocket

DreamCoon Tony Pocket
Sold to Samantha from San Antonio, Texas

Litter "RY1" January 22 2019      


female Richanna of DreamCoon

Richanna of DreamCoon
Sold to April from Virginia Beach, Virginia

LItter "O" January 20 2019      


male DreamCoon Orlando

DreamCoon Orlando
Sold to Jamie from Downingtown, PA

male DreamCoon Origin Ruby

DreamCoon Origin Ruby
Sold to Shihui from Washington, DC

male DreamCoon Orion Max

DreamCoon Orion Max
Sold to Steven & Janice from Mocksville, North Caroline

male DreamCoon Otto Lanos

DreamCoon Otto Lanos
Sold to Cliff from Louisville, Kentucky

Litter "T" January 15 2019      


male DreamCoon Trantor

DreamCoon Trantor
Sold to Osberg from Littleton, North Carolina

male DreamCoon Terrabyte

DreamCoon Terrabyte
Sold to Erica from Nokesville, Virginia

male DreamCoon The Rock Ozzy

DreamCoon The Rock Ozzy
Sold to Antionette from Chadron, NE

male DreamCoon Terminator

DreamCoon Terminator
Sold to Robert from Thousand Oaks, CA

male DreamCoon Teodomiro Sin

DreamCoon Teodomiro Sin
Sold to Tracy from Stuart, Virginia

male DreamCoon Tom Sawyer

DreamCoon Tom Sawyer
Sold to Mariya from Alexandria, Virginia

Litter "SV" January 14 2019      


male DreamCoon Schweppes

DreamCoon Schweppes
Sold to Kathleen from Forestville, New York

Litter "FMJ" January 07 2019      


female Fantasy Forever

Fantasy Forever
Sold to Elizabeth from Bridgeport, Connecticut

female Finlandia

Sold to Amanda from Boston, MA

male Figaro Song

Figaro Song
Sold to Emma from Providence, Rhode Island

Litter "CM" December 17 2018      


male Cotton Candy of DreamCoon

Cotton Candy of DreamCoon
Sold to Jealyn from Las Vegas, Nevada

Litter "P" December 12 2018      


male DreamCoon Pauls Timothy

DreamCoon Pauls Timothy
Sold to Suzanne from Grafton, West Virginia

male DreamCoon Porsche

DreamCoon Porsche
Sold to Ray from Hampton, Virginia

male DreamCoon Pan dei Palais

DreamCoon Pan dei Palais
Sold to Kathleen from Lynchburg, Virginia

male DreamCoon Pascal

DreamCoon Pascal
Sold to Larissa from New York city, New York

female DreamCoon Patricia Snowdance

DreamCoon Patricia Snowdance
Sold to Zachary from Norfolk, Virginia

male DreamCoon Peachy

DreamCoon Peachy
Sold to Cindy from New Bern, North Carolina

male DreamCoon Pierre Auguste

DreamCoon Pierre Auguste
Sold to Deborah from Troutville, VA

male DreamCoon Pumpkin

DreamCoon Pumpkin
Sold to Reserved by Marina and Leonid from San Francisco, California

Litter "PP" December 12 2018      


male DreamCoon Palazzo

DreamCoon Palazzo
Sold to Luis from Glen Burnie, Maryland

male DreamCoon PP Silver Monster

DreamCoon PP Silver Monster
Sold to Joseph from Greensburg, Pennsylvania

male DreamCoon Pentium

DreamCoon Pentium
Sold to Denise from Marietta, Ohio

male DreamCoon Pluton

DreamCoon Pluton
Sold to Barry from Annapolis, Maryland

male DreamCoon Play the Marble PP

DreamCoon Play the Marble PP
Sold to Zac from Andover, MA

Litter "L" December 12 2018      


male DreamCoon Lorton

DreamCoon Lorton
Sold to Kathryn from New York City, New York

male DreamCoon London

DreamCoon London
Sold to Kanato from Cedarville, California

male DreamCoon Lindberg

DreamCoon Lindberg
Sold to Robyn from Massachusetts

Litter "RY" November 23 2018      



Litter "EMJ" November 17 2018      


male Empire State

Empire State
Sold to Caroline from Montreal, QC, Canada

male Elvis March

Elvis March
Sold to Nicole from Massachusetts

Jitter JK November 14 2018      


female November Sunshine

November Sunshine
Sold to Karen from Bailey, Colorado

male Spotty Jack

Spotty Jack
Sold to Anne from Apex, North Carolina

male Favorit Day

Favorit Day
Sold to Dresiree from Ogden, UT

female La Guna

La Guna
Sold to April from Red oak, Oklahoma

male Morning Mist

Morning Mist
Sold to Danny from Colorado Springs, Colorado

Litter "KY" November 14 2018      


female Carmen of DreamCoon

Carmen of DreamCoon
Sold to Troy from Arlington, Virginia

Litter "HY" November 04 2018      


female Hennessy of DreamCoon

Hennessy of DreamCoon
Sold to Anthony from Havertown, Pennsylvania

Littter "CMJ" October 27 2018      


male Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain
Sold to Trena from Portage, Maine

male Contigo

Sold to Barbara from Endicott, New York

Litter "K" October 23 2018      


female DreamCoon Kokeshi

DreamCoon Kokeshi
Sold to Chrisian from Foresthill, California

male DreamCoon Kumanosuke

DreamCoon Kumanosuke
Sold to Carol from Midlothian, VA

male DreamCoon Kelton Ursus

DreamCoon Kelton Ursus
Sold to Richard from Waynesboro, PA

male DreamCoon Kay Turquoise

DreamCoon Kay Turquoise
Sold to Marc from Springfield, MA

Litter "J" October 22 2018      


female DreamCoon Josi Silvia Bonita

DreamCoon Josi Silvia Bonita
Sold to Jeff from Sacramento, California

male DreamCoon Jr. Sirius

DreamCoon Jr. Sirius
Sold to Eugenia from Maine

female DreamCoon Julia Caesar

DreamCoon Julia Caesar
Sold to Anthony from Omaha, Nebraska

male DreamCoon Jazz

DreamCoon Jazz
Sold to Kelly from Quantico, Virginia

Litter "I" October 14 2018      


male DreamCoon Ionic

DreamCoon Ionic
Sold to Susan from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

male DreamCoon Iamboss

DreamCoon Iamboss
Sold to Gary from Bath, New York

male DreamCoon Isuzu

DreamCoon Isuzu
Sold to Curt from Galveston, Texas

Litter "IP" September 28 2018      


male DreamCoon Iggy Baked Milk

DreamCoon Iggy Baked Milk
Sold to Jennifer from Alexandria, VA

male DreamCoon Imperial Reed

DreamCoon Imperial Reed
Sold to Christy from N. Andover, MA

Litter "H" September 20 2018      


female DreamCoon Henriqua

DreamCoon Henriqua
Sold to Roy from Quebec, Canada

female DreamCoon Hula Girl

DreamCoon Hula Girl
Sold to Athena from Miami Shores, FL

male DreamCoon Hunter

DreamCoon Hunter
Sold to Robert from Brick, NJ

female DreamCoon Hola Barcelona

DreamCoon Hola Barcelona
Sold to Eric from Sacramento, California

female DreamCoon Hacienda

DreamCoon Hacienda
Sold to Sierra from Salt Lake City, Nevada

Litter "J" August 30 2018      


female DreamCoon Jola

Stay whith us

female DreamCoon Jordana

DreamCoon Jordana
Sold to Amoret from SC

male DreamCoon Jordan

DreamCoon Jordan
Sold to Reanna from Quantico, VA

Litter "E" August 30 2018      


male DreamCoon Eddie Bauer

DreamCoon Eddie Bauer
Sold to Sophie from Crossville, TN

Litter "D" August 28 2018      


male DreamCoon Deep Rouge

DreamCoon Deep Rouge
Sold to Reanna from Quantico, VA

female DreamCoon Darling Princess

DreamCoon Darling Princess
Sold to Matthew from Palmyra, VA

female DreamCoon Dia

DreamCoon Dia
Sold to Tara from California

male DreamCoon Doswell

DreamCoon Doswell
Sold to Tina from Murray, Utah

male DreamCoon Dominique

DreamCoon Dominique
Sold to Amoret from Boone, NC

male DreamCoon Denny Ginger

DreamCoon Denny Ginger
Sold to Douglas & Shauna from Rupert, WV

Littter "BMJ" August 19 2018      


female DreamCoon Blue Moon

DreamCoon Blue Moon
Sold to Joannie from Québec, Canada

male DreamCoon Bamboo Buddy

DreamCoon Bamboo Buddy
Sold to Emily & David from Ashburn, VA

Litter "F" August 15 2018      


male DreamCoon Fan-fan

DreamCoon Fan-fan
Sold to Joan from Burgaw, North Carolina

Litter "A" August 10 2018      


male DreamCoon Amper

DreamCoon Amper
Sold to Christine from Norfolk, VA

male DreamCoon Albuquerque

DreamCoon Albuquerque
Sold to Helena from Spring Lake, NC

male DreamCoon Anderson

DreamCoon Anderson
Sold to Ginger from Winchester, Kentucky

male DreamCoon Ashland

DreamCoon Ashland
Sold to Shanna

Litter "Y" July 12 2018      


female DreamCoon Yutaka

DreamCoon Yutaka
Sold to Akexander from Bronx, NY

male DreamCoon Yahoo

DreamCoon Yahoo
Sold to Olga from Manassas, VA

male DreamCoon Yellow Bob

DreamCoon Yellow Bob
Sold to Sam &Meg from Swanton, MD

female DreamCoon Young Plum

DreamCoon Young Plum
Sold to Jarrod from Blairsville GA

Litter "W" June 25 2018      


male DreamCoon Whicker

DreamCoon Whicker
Sold to Wendy from Edmonds, Washington

male DreamCoon Whickey Cookie

DreamCoon Whickey Cookie
Sold to Susie from Lexington, SC

Litter "M" June 16 2018      


female DreamCoon Magnolia

DreamCoon Magnolia
Kennon from Washington, DC

male DreamCoon Modo

DreamCoon Modo
Sold to Kristin from West River, MD

male DreamCoon Marzipan

DreamCoon Marzipan
Sold to Becky from FARMINGTON, UT

male DreamCoon Mars

DreamCoon Mars
Sold to Alexandra from Frederick, MD

female DreamCoon Moskva

DreamCoon Moskva
Sold to Dylan from Spindale, NC

female DreamCoon Malina

DreamCoon Malina
Sold to Dorothy from Atlantic Highlands, NJ

male DreamCoon Morris

DreamCoon Morris
Sold to Michael from Powell, TN

Litter "V" June 14 2018      


male DreamCoon Vermont

DreamCoon Vermont
Sold to Alexandra from Roseville, CA

male DreamCoon Verter

DreamCoon Verter
Sold to Steven from Naples, FL

Litter "U" June 05 2018      


male DreamCoon Uwon

DreamCoon Uwon
Sold to Ginger from Cape May Court House, New Jersey

male DreamCoon Uber

DreamCoon Uber
Sold to Lee from Oakdale, MN

female DreamCoon Umila

DreamCoon Umila
Sold to John and Karen from Lenhartsville, PA

female DreamCoon Universala

DreamCoon Universala
Sold to Cristina from Henderson, NV

female DreamCoon Ursa White Mittens

DreamCoon Ursa White Mittens
Sold to Hongyi from Santa Clara, CA

male DreamCoon Udo

DreamCoon Udo
Sold to Caroline from Washington, DC

male DreamCoon Umagi Kushi

DreamCoon Umagi Kushi
Sold to Amy from West Virginia

male DreamCoon Unix

DreamCoon Unix
Sold to Victoria from Washington DC

male DreamCoon Ungaro

DreamCoon Ungaro
Sold to Cherie from Panama City, FL

Litter "O" May 26 2018      


female DreamCoon Onyx Princess

DreamCoon Onyx Princess
Sold to Hussain from Republic of Maldives

female DreamCoon Only Love

DreamCoon Only Love
Sold to Jimmy from Barboursville, VA

Litter "JM" May 23 2018      


male Scribbles

Sold to Usman from Annapolis, MD

male Little Jack

Little Jack
Sold to Usman from Annapolis, MD

Litter "K" May 20 2018      


female DreamCoon Knopa PP

DreamCoon Knopa PP
Sold to Adam from Peru, NY

male DreamCoon Kaxeti

DreamCoon Kaxeti
Sold to Lary from Los Angeles, CA

male DreamCoon King Diamond PP

DreamCoon King Diamond PP
Sold to Jen from Puyallup, WA

male DreamCoon Knight Frank

DreamCoon Knight Frank
Sold to Lisa from Virginia Beach, VA

Litter "J" May 18 2018      


female DreamCoon Julietta Bright

DreamCoon Julietta Bright
Sold to Ashley from San Antonio, TX

male DreamCoon Janson

DreamCoon Janson
Sold to Carol from Chesterfield, VA

Litter "S" May 02 2018      


female DreamCoon South Elba

DreamCoon South Elba
Sold to Annette from. Carthage, Missouri

male DreamCoon Smarty

DreamCoon Smarty
Sold to Susan from Alexandria, VA

male DreamCoon Siemens

DreamCoon Siemens
Sold to Carrie from Richmond, VA

male DreamCoon Sconti

DreamCoon Sconti
Sold to Page from Mountain View, CA

male DreamCoon Samotini

DreamCoon Samotini
Sold to Kia from PA

Litter "P" April 29 2018      


female DreamCoon Perlitta

DreamCoon Perlitta
Sold to Taha from Dallas, TX

Litter "T" April 25 2018      


female DreamCoon Tokemi

DreamCoon Tokemi
Sold to Usman from Chantilly, VA

male DreamCoon Togo

DreamCoon Togo
Sold to Brian from Rumney, NH

male DreamCoon Trevir

DreamCoon Trevir
Sold to Angelina from Charleston, WV

female DreamCoon Tanuki

DreamCoon Tanuki
Sold to Antionette from Oelrichs, SD

female DreamCoon Tamiko

DreamCoon Tamiko
Sold to Michelle from Forest, VA

male DreamCoon Tiramisu

DreamCoon Tiramisu
Sold to 李 from Blackssburg, VA

Litter "I" March 24 2018      


male DreamCoon Illuminate

DreamCoon Illuminate
Sold to Ping from Bellevue, WA

female DreamCoon I'Felicia

DreamCoon I'Felicia
Sold to Angelina from Charleston, WV

Litter "F" March 22 2018      


female DreamCoon Feather

DreamCoon Feather
Sold to Robert and Adelaide from Signal Mountain, TN

Litter "AMJ" March 21 2018      


male Asterix

Sold to Khym from Yorktown, VA

male Amethyst

Sold to Jenifer from Collegeville, PA

male Ace of Base

Ace of Base
Sold to Emily from West Palm beach, FL

female Arizona

Sold to Jen from Puyallup, WA

female Austria

Sold to Angelina from Charleston, WV

female Andromeda

Sold to Vanessa from Sinton, TX

Litter "H" March 20 2018      


male DreamCoon High Grade

DreamCoon High Grade
Sold to Dave from Fredericksburg, VA

female DreamCoon H11

DreamCoon H11
Sold to Larry from NC

male DreamCoon H14

DreamCoon H14
Sold to Said from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

male DreamCoon H12

DreamCoon H12
Sold to Helena from Rileyville, VA

Litter "K" March 15 2018      


female DreamCoon Kassiopea

DreamCoon Kassiopea
Sold to Amber from Breckenridge, CO

male DreamCoon Kingdom

DreamCoon Kingdom
Sold to Lindsay from Virginia

Litter "C" March 07 2018      


male DreamCoon Currant

DreamCoon Currant
Sold to Glenn from Tulsa, Oklahoma

female DreamCoon Carlitta PP

DreamCoon Carlitta PP
Sold to Stephanie from Anchorage, Alaska

male DreamCoon Cavalier

DreamCoon Cavalier
Sold to Ty from Thermopolis, WY

male DreamCoon Caesario

DreamCoon Caesario
Sold to Rachel from Worcester, MA

male DreamCoon Cypres

DreamCoon Cypres
Sold to Awesome family :)

male DreamCoon Cygnus

DreamCoon Cygnus
Sold to Jeffrey from Abington PA

Litter "LO" March 01 2018      


male Alder

Sold to Alexander from Germantown, MD

female Maple

Sold to Sue from Burlington, NC

female Hazel

Sold to Owen & El from Windsor Locks, CT

male Cedar

Sold to Cinda from Seattle, WA

Litter "B" February 28 2018      


male DreamCoon Bunny

DreamCoon Bunny
Sold to Hussain from Male, Republic of Maldives

female DreamCoon Bjork

DreamCoon Bjork
Sold to Robert from Hattiesburg, MS

male DreamCoon Batyr

DreamCoon Batyr
Sold to Lindsay from Lyman, SC

Litter "BS" February 25 2018      


male DreamCoon Bandito

DreamCoon Bandito
Sold to Cheyenna from Hampton, VA

male DreamCoon Bambino

DreamCoon Bambino
Sold to Hayley from Indiana, PA

male DreamCoon Bremen

DreamCoon Bremen
Sold to Brian from Woodstock, GA

female DreamCoon Bohemian Rhapsody

DreamCoon Bohemian Rhapsody
Sold to Regina from Washington, DC

female DreamCoon Bondiana

DreamCoon Bondiana
Sold to Ty from Thermopolis, WY

male DreamCoon Brother Steve

DreamCoon Brother Steve
Sold to Ranga from Rockland County, NY

male DreamCoon Brother Sam

DreamCoon Brother Sam
Sold to Claire from NC

Litter "D" February 18 2018      


female DreamCoon Frost (ex Duke Nuke)

DreamCoon Frost (ex Duke Nuke)
Sold to Jeffrey from Abington PA

male DreamCoon Delicious Alright

DreamCoon Delicious Alright
Sold to Chelsae from Chandler, Arizona

Litter "X" January 26 2018      


male DreamCoon Xabat

DreamCoon Xabat
Sold to Brian from Woodstock, GA

male DreamCoon Xes Paris

DreamCoon Xes Paris
Sold to Peter from Midlothian, VA

male DreamCoon Xerdo

DreamCoon Xerdo
Sold to Angelina from Charleston, WV

male DreamCoon X-Wing

DreamCoon X-Wing
Sold to Tim from Libery Lake, WA

male DreamCoon Xonix

DreamCoon Xonix
Sold to Betsey from Winchester, VA

male DreamCoon Xanatos

DreamCoon Xanatos
Sold to Mumeko from Bethesda, MD

female DreamCoon Xenda

DreamCoon Xenda
Sold to Kate from Boston, MA

Litter "Y" January 25 2018      


male DreamCoon Yehat

DreamCoon Yehat
Sold to Heather

male DreamCoon Young Sunny Beam

DreamCoon Young Sunny Beam
Sold to Linda from Richmond VA

Litter "W" January 22 2018      


male DreamCoon Wago

DreamCoon Wago
Sold to Holly from Woodbridge, VA

male DreamCoon Wangler

DreamCoon Wangler
Sold to Caroline from Washington, DC

male DreamCoon Whickey

DreamCoon Whickey
Sold to Nicole

female DreamCoon Wonderful Bagira

DreamCoon Wonderful Bagira
Sold to Robyn from Omaha, NE

male DreamCoon Willmarr

DreamCoon Willmarr
Sold to Dave from Friends, TX

male DreamCoon Worcestershire

DreamCoon Worcestershire
Sold to Anqi from Baltimore, MD

female DreamCoon Whalta

DreamCoon Whalta
Sold to Jennifer

Litter "T" January 07 2018      



Litter "U" December 24 2017      


female DreamCoon Udith

DreamCoon Udith
Sold to Margaret from Indianapolis, IN

female DreamCoon Un Monde Iris

DreamCoon Un Monde Iris
Sold to Arian from South Jordan, Utah

female DreamCoon Unica

DreamCoon Unica
Sold to Jennifer from Pittsburgh. PA

female DreamCoon Urbana

DreamCoon Urbana
Sold to Ruth from Fairfax, VA

female DreamCoon Uganda

DreamCoon Uganda
Sold to Patricia from Washongton, DC

male DreamCoon Ur-Quan Master

DreamCoon Ur-Quan Master
Sold to Ruth from Reston, VA

Litter "F" December 16 2017      


male DreamCoon Fetuchini PP (Polydactyl)

DreamCoon Fetuchini PP (Polydactyl)
Patricia from Washington, DC

female DreamCoon Ferdinanda Bello

DreamCoon Ferdinanda Bello
Sold to Adam from San Antonio, TX

female DreamCoon Fioralba PP (Polydactyl)

DreamCoon Fioralba PP (Polydactyl)
Patricia from Washington, DCSold to Adam from San Antonio, TX

Litter "O" November 29 2017      


male DreamCoon Orange Dragon

DreamCoon Orange Dragon
Sold to Jonathan from NJ

female DreamCoon Obviously Shauma

DreamCoon Obviously Shauma
Sold to Patricia from Washongton, DC

female DreamCoon Oregana

DreamCoon Oregana
Sold to Daniel from North Charleston. SC

male DreamCoon Otello

DreamCoon Otello
Sold to Mike from Plymouth, MA

female DreamCoon Original Shura

DreamCoon Original Shura
Sold to Marcus & Lynn from Roanoke, VA

Litter "S" November 02 2017      


male DreamCoon Space

DreamCoon Space
Sold to Irene from Reston, VA

male DreamCoon Spark

DreamCoon Spark
Sold to Heidi from TX

male DreamCoon Spartak

DreamCoon Spartak
Sold to Kia from Philadelphia, PA

male DreamCoon Spokane

DreamCoon Spokane
Sold to John from NC

female DreamCoon Snowella

DreamCoon Snowella
Sold to Marshall from Lansdale, PA

Litter "AB" October 20 2017      


male Monster of DreamCoon

Monster of DreamCoon
Sold to Michael from Hauppauge, NY

Litter "R" October 19 2017      


male DreamCoon Roosevelt

DreamCoon Roosevelt
Sold to Rooth from CA

male DreamCoon Reed Silver

DreamCoon Reed Silver
Sold to Nicole from Alexandria, VA

male DreamCoon Rock'n'Roll

DreamCoon Rock'n'Roll
Sold to Rita from Wilkesboro, NC

Litter "P" October 17 2017      


female DreamCoon Peach Sevilla

DreamCoon Peach Sevilla
Sold to Dana from Short Pump, VA

male DreamCoon Peach Rick

DreamCoon Peach Rick
Sold to Jean from Bridgewater, NJ

female DreamCoon Panamericana

DreamCoon Panamericana
Sold to Arlene from CT

female DreamCoon Peach Pie

DreamCoon Peach Pie
Sold to Bill from Virginia Beach, VA

Litter "M" September 29 2017      


male DreamCoon Magdeburgh

DreamCoon Magdeburgh
Sold to Sean from Midlothian, VA

female DreamCoon Mechelroda Mary Poppins

DreamCoon Mechelroda Mary Poppins
Sold to Kendall from Fairfax, VA

male DreamCoon Mönchenholzhausen

DreamCoon Mönchenholzhausen
Sold to Mariana from Hanover, NJ

female DreamCoon Minga

DreamCoon Minga
Sold to Rita from Wilkesboro, NC

Litter "I" September 19 2017      


male DreamCoon I Am King

DreamCoon I Am King
Sold to Emmanuelle from Belle Mead, NJ

male DreamCoon Incanto

DreamCoon Incanto
Sold to Natalia from Carry, NC

male DreamCoon Insense Ultramarine

DreamCoon Insense Ultramarine
Sold to Colette from Newport, RI

male DreamCoon Icarly Sweet

DreamCoon Icarly Sweet
Sold to John from Wichita, KS

male DreamCoon Interdit

DreamCoon Interdit
Sold to Alla from Ellicott City, MD

male DreamCoon Initial

DreamCoon Initial
Sold to Angela from Seattle, WA

male DreamCoon In Love Again

DreamCoon In Love Again
Sold to Suzanna from Raleigh, NC

Litter "F" September 02 2017      


male DreamCoon Fione

Sold to Bernadette from North Carolina

male DreamCoon Fairy Dream

Sold to Elena from Moscow, Russia

male DreamCoon Fairy Tale

Sold to Astin from Orlando, FL

male DreamCoon Flint the Pirate

DreamCoon Flint the Pirate
Sold to Patricia from North Chesterfield, VA

Litter "B" August 29 2017      


male DreamCoon Silver Rain

DreamCoon Silver Rain
Sold to Mitchell from New Jersey

female DreamCoon Bosnia

DreamCoon Bosnia
Sold to Marshall from Lansdale, PA

female DreamCoon Beretta

DreamCoon Beretta
Sold to Susan from Oakdale, PA

Litter "E" August 25 2017      


male DreamCoom Berkshire Equity

Sold to Astin from Orlando, Florida

male DreamCoom Bombay Excitement

DreamCoom Bombay Excitement
Sold to Adam and Bridget from Martinsburg, WV

male DreamCoom Bland Emerald

DreamCoom Bland Emerald
Sold to Kerry and Joyce from Bowling Green, KY

Litter "J" August 20 2017      


male DreamCoon Jasper

DreamCoon Jasper
Sold to Jeff and Dana from Richmond VA

Litter "G" July 29 2017      


female DreamCoon Guatemala

DreamCoon Guatemala
Sold to Kristin from Charlottesville, VA

female DreamCoon Gracie

DreamCoon Gracie
Sold to Joanne from Pulsaki, PA

Litter "A" July 26 2017      


male DreamCoon Ambitious Wolfie

Sold to Heather from Flowood, MS

male DreamCoon Alebaster

DreamCoon Alebaster
Sold to Jason from Cypress, TX

male DreamCoon Absolute Blackout

DreamCoon Absolute Blackout
Sold to Bonnie from Richmond, VA

female DreamCoon Amber Lady

DreamCoon Amber Lady
Sold to Michelle from Middleburg, PA

Litter K2 July 22 2017      


male DreamCoon König von Aspen

DreamCoon König von Aspen
Sold to Angela from West Chester, PA

male DreamCoon Klaus II

DreamCoon Klaus II
Sold to Ivory from Alexandria, VA

female DreamCoon Klaudia Mon

DreamCoon Klaudia Mon
Sold to Anne and Peter from Ivoryton, CT

male DreamCoon Mauritius

DreamCoon Mauritius
Sold to Cynthia from Indiana

Cute tunes June 20 2017      



Litter L June 13 2017      


male DreamCoon Cheese

DreamCoon Cheese
Sold to Sean from Norwood, OH

male DreamCoon Leon Toronto

DreamCoon Leon Toronto
Sold to Barry from Powhatan, VA

female DreamCoon Laura Noxy

DreamCoon Laura Noxy
Sold to Don from Aurora, CO

male DreamCoon Liam Cooper (R10)

DreamCoon Liam Cooper (R10)
Sold to Karen from Old Fort, NC

female DreamCoon Luna (S9)

DreamCoon Luna (S9)
Sold to Eugenia from Washington, DC

female La Têtard

La Têtard
Sold to Robyn from Swoyersville, PA

Litter K June 05 2017      


female DreamCoon Kseniya

DreamCoon Kseniya
Sold to Cindy from Richmond, VA

male DreamCoon Kupidon VI

DreamCoon Kupidon VI
Sold to Mindy from Nashville, TN

male DreamCoon Kolovrat

DreamCoon Kolovrat
Sold to Tara from California

male DreamCoon Kosmos

DreamCoon Kosmos
Sold to Terri from Maine

female Kitty the Splat

Kitty the Splat
Sold to Shannon from Camp Hill, PA

Litter J May 28 2017      


male DreamCoon Neptune's Snow

DreamCoon Neptune's Snow
Sold to Becky from Boston, MA

male DreamCoon J Matty

DreamCoon J Matty
Sold to Donna from Sacramento, New Mexico

male R6

Sold to Dylan from Stevensville, MD

male DreamCoon Jr Montacore

DreamCoon Jr Montacore
Sold to Carl from Winston-Salem, NC

male DreamCoon Justin Sun

DreamCoon Justin Sun
Sold to Arkady from Los Angeles, CA

male R1

Sold to Lynda from NYC, New York

Litter KR "Great Victory" May 09 2017      


male DreamCoon Kelvin R5

DreamCoon Kelvin R5
Sold to Nitzia ftom Columbus, GA

Litter "G" May 08 2017      


male DreamCoon Golden Inkwell

DreamCoon Golden Inkwell
Sold to Charmaine from Spokane, Washington

male DreamCoon Gerr Stepanych

DreamCoon Gerr Stepanych
Sold to Elisa from Waterbury, CT

male DreamCoon Greyhound

DreamCoon Greyhound
Sold to Sara from Georgia

Litter "N" May 06 2017      


female DreamCoon Helga

DreamCoon Helga
Sold to Brian and Letty from Goode, VA

male DreamCoon Nylse

DreamCoon Nylse
Sold to Brooke from Boise, ID

male DreamCoon Naf-Naf

DreamCoon Naf-Naf
Sold to Yun from California

male DreamCoon Nürnberg

DreamCoon Nürnberg
Sold to Antonio from Baltimore, MD

male DreamCoon Nathaniel

DreamCoon Nathaniel
Sold to Stephanie from Anchorage, AK

Litter I May 06 2017      


female DreamCoon Shuma

DreamCoon Shuma
Sold to Josh from Manassas,†VA

male DreamCoon Igor Benz

DreamCoon Igor Benz
Sold to Keri from MD

male DreamCoon Whitepaw

DreamCoon Whitepaw
Sold to Charmaine from Spokane, Washington

Litter HF April 18 2017      


female DreamCoon Harmony

DreamCoon Harmony
Sold to Maggie from Stafford, Virginia

male DreamCoon Honey Dew

DreamCoon Honey Dew
Sold to Victoria & Maxim from New York, NY

male DreamCoon H3

DreamCoon H3
Sold to Ryan

Litter "M" April 16 2017      


male DreamCoon Magnum Fox

DreamCoon Magnum Fox
Sold to Ke from Williamsburgh, VA

female DreamCoon Milena Kruz

DreamCoon Milena Kruz
Sold to Jeff from Searcy, AR

male DreamCoon Mr. Granger Sweety

DreamCoon Mr. Granger Sweety
Sold to Michael and Vasilisa from Washington, DC

male DreamCoon Mr. Ladybird

DreamCoon Mr. Ladybird
Sold to Charmaine from Seattle, Washington

Litter "H" April 05 2017      


male DreamCoon Hott

DreamCoon Hott
Sold to Curtis from NY

male DreamCoon H5 Oliver Richmond

DreamCoon H5 Oliver Richmond
Sold to Jeanette from Terre Haute, Indiana

female DreamCoon Lavender Brown

DreamCoon Lavender Brown
Sold to Amanda from New Orleans

female DreamCoon Hermione

DreamCoon Hermione
Sold to Matthew from Rhodesdale, MD

male DreamCoon H2

DreamCoon H2
Sold to Kirk from Chino, California

male DreamCoon H1

DreamCoon H1
Sold to Karin from Bellingham, WA

Litter "B" April 04 2017      


male DreamCoon Boris Trevor

DreamCoon Boris Trevor
Sold to Caroline from Washington, DC

male DreamCoon Banderas

DreamCoon Banderas
Sold to Tiffany from Richmond, VA

Litter "U" March 14 2017      


male DreamCoon Upton Client

DreamCoon Upton Client
Sold to Aaron and Chelsea from Woodland, Washington

female DreamCoon Uvertura

DreamCoon Uvertura
Sold to Desha from Arcata, California

female DreamCoon Uslada

DreamCoon Uslada
Sold to Jill from New York City

male DreamCoon Union

DreamCoon Union
Sold to Petra from Austin, TX

female DreamCoon Unona

DreamCoon Unona
Sold to Kristin from Charlottesville

Litter "L" March 05 2017      


male DreamCoon Leonardo Di

DreamCoon Leonardo Di
Sold to Derek from Odessa, Texas

male DreamCoon Leon Bets

DreamCoon Leon Bets
Sold to Barbara from Orlando, Florida

male DreamCoon Le Baron

DreamCoon Le Baron
Sold to Jose from Laredo, TX

male DreamCoon Laredi

DreamCoon Laredi
Sold to Penny

Litter "T" March 04 2017      


female DreamCoon Torta

DreamCoon Torta
Sold to Heather from Houston, TX

Litter "A" February 10 2017      


male DreamCoon Key West

DreamCoon Key West
Sold to Pam from Ringgold, GA

male DreamCoon Kroger

DreamCoon Kroger
Sold to Tsimafei from Ridgefield, WA

Litter "W" January 02 2017      


male DreamCoon Que

DreamCoon Que
Sold to Linda

male Wigor Bland

Wigor Bland
Sold to Linda from Sterling, VA

male Koktebel

Sold to Bailee from Savannah, GA

male West Kind

West Kind
Sold to Nicole from Alexandira, MD

male Walenshtain

Sold to Bonnie from Richmond, VA

Litter "C" December 18 2016      


female DreamCoon Carrot

DreamCoon Carrot
Sold to Kristin from Charlottesville, VA

Litter "V" December 17 2016      


male DreamCoon Victoral

DreamCoon Victoral
Sold to Charlie from Nashville, TN

male DreamCoon Vicont the Crocodile

DreamCoon Vicont the Crocodile
Sold to Britt from Media, PA

male DreamCoon Valentin Quentin

DreamCoon Valentin Quentin
Sold to Kristin from Charlottesville, VA

male Voland Smok

Voland Smok
Sold to Kim from Newport News, VA

male Van Wader

Van Wader
Sold to Elaine from Floyd, VA

Litter "L" November 11 2016      



Litter "S" November 01 2016      



Litter "IM" October 20 2016      


female DreamCoon Iberica

DreamCoon Iberica
Sold to Kennon from North Bethesda, MD

Litter "E" October 18 2016      



Litter C August 28 2016      



Litter A August 22 2016      



Litter "DL" August 02 2016      



Litter "B" July 27 2016      



Litter "T" June 30 2016      



Litter "K" June 28 2016      


male DreamCoon Kongo

DreamCoon Kongo
Sold to Laurie from Anchorage, Alaska

male DreamCoon Kaiser Minou

DreamCoon Kaiser Minou
Sold to Amanda from West Hollywood, CA

male Kroger Smokey

Kroger Smokey
Sold to Stacey from Salt Lake City, UT

Litter "J" June 11 2016      


male Jeep Fergus

Jeep Fergus
Sold to Diane

male January

Sold to Caite from Olney, MD

female Jaye One

Jaye One
Sold to Jennifer from Stevensville, MI

Litter "F" May 30 2016      


male Frappuccino Caramel

Frappuccino Caramel
Sold to Jennifer from San Francisco, CA

Litter "D" aliment May 22 2016      



Litter "E" May 21 2016      


male Elton Ebony

Elton Ebony
Sold to Dan from Pikesville, Maryland

female Esma Willow

Esma Willow
Sold to Angela from PA

Litter "C" May 20 2016      


male DreamCoon Cinnamon

DreamCoon Cinnamon
Sold to James from Titusville, Florida

Litter "P" April 20 2016      



Litter XD April 02 2016      


male Xanto

Sold to Malaika from Virginia

Litter "MA" March 31 2016      


female Marinka

Sold to Stephanie from California

Litter A March 19 2016      


male African Pride

African Pride
Sold to Kim from Washington, DC

male Agent of Savannah

Agent of Savannah
Sold to Alishia from Random Lake, WI

Litter X March 10 2016      


male Wednesday morning

Wednesday morning
Sold to Kim from New Hampshire

male DreamCoon Wolfenstein

DreamCoon Wolfenstein
Sold to Polly from Cookeville, TN

male Xonry Gloverall

Xonry Gloverall
Sold to Jennifer from Centerville, VA

male Wonderful Fabian

Wonderful Fabian
Sold to David from Fredericksburg, VA

Litter V February 21 2016      


male Vintage Marble

Vintage Marble
Sold to Kim from Frederick, MD

male Vogue Blanche

Vogue Blanche
Sold to Dr. Isaac from Richmond, Virginia

Litter "U" February 16 2016      


male Ubuntu DreamCoon

Ubuntu DreamCoon
Sold to Stephanie from Catonsville, Maryland

female Ultra DreamCoon

Ultra DreamCoon
Sold to Julia from Frederick, MD

male Unlocker DreamCoon

Unlocker DreamCoon
Sold to Roy from Beverly Hills, CA

Litter "T" February 09 2016      


male Timberland DreamCoon

Timberland DreamCoon
Sold to Dr. Isaac from Richmond, VA

male Tiramisu DreamCoon

Tiramisu DreamCoon
Sold to Meghan and Nick from Alexandria, VA

Litter "S" January 30 2016      


female DreamCoon Shady (Genesis)

DreamCoon Shady (Genesis)
Sold to Annetta J. from

Litter "S" January 30 2016      


male Freedman DreamCoon

Freedman DreamCoon
Sold to Kaitlin from Allentown, PA

female Silicia Arabesque DreamCoon

Silicia Arabesque DreamCoon
Sold to Kimberly from White Lake, MI

male Smart Rockwille DreamCoon

Smart Rockwille DreamCoon
Sold to Luis from Stillwater, Oklahoma

Litter "R" January 02 2016      


male Roanwood Coal Miner

Roanwood Coal Miner
Sold to Matt from Spring Creek,NV

female Royala Masala

Royala Masala
Sold to Denise from Murietta, CA

male Rammstein

Sold to Sean from PA

female Rogenda

Sold to Donna from Azalea, OR

Litter "H" November 25 2015      


male DreamCoon Holiday Cheer

DreamCoon Holiday Cheer
Sold to William from Santa Clarita, CA

female DreamCoon Havanna

DreamCoon Havanna
Sold to Stephanie from Olympia, WA

male Hurricane Joy DreamCoon

Hurricane Joy DreamCoon
Sold to Amanda from MA

Litter N November 18 2015      


male Neptune DreamCoon

Neptune DreamCoon
Sold to Matt from Greer, South Carolina

Litter "L" November 12 2015      


female La Blanca DreamCoon

La Blanca DreamCoon
Sold to Pauline from New York city

female Lagune blue DreamCoon

Lagune blue DreamCoon
Sold to Stephen from Newport News, VA

Litter I November 01 2015      


male Indigo kid

Indigo kid
Sold to Mary from Massachusetts

Litter "K" October 20 2015      


male Kadebostany DreamCoon

Kadebostany DreamCoon
Sold to Xenia from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Litter "F" October 09 2015      


female Fantasia di Dolcetti DreamCoon

Fantasia di Dolcetti DreamCoon
Sold to Charles from Glen Allen, VA

female Flower DreamCoon

Flower DreamCoon
Sold to Tyler from Norwalk, CT

female Fronda DreamCoon

Fronda DreamCoon
Sold to Mitch from Poolesville, MD

female Fancy flame DreamCoon

Fancy flame DreamCoon
Sold to Mitch from Poolesville, MD

male First Choice DreamCoon

First Choice DreamCoon
Sold to Tara from Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Litter "PY" 07/17/2015 July 17 2015      


male Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar
Sold to Jennifer from Washington, DC

male Big Boss

Big Boss
Sold to Lynn from Fairborn, Ohio

Litter "O&P" July 07 2015      


male Octavianos

Sold to Michelle from Wichita, KS

male Osborne

Sold to Lily from New York city

male Onegin

Sold to Vicki from Gainesville, VA

Litter "O" June 07 2015      


female One love DreamCoon

One love DreamCoon
Sold to Christina from Odenton, Md

male Ocean Nemo DreamCoon

Ocean Nemo DreamCoon
Sold to Mike and Kacey from Holmen, WI

Litter "P" June 04 2015      


female Pepe DreamCoon

Pepe DreamCoon
Sold to Lisa from Washington, D.C.

male Puding DreamCoon

Puding DreamCoon
Sold to April from Reedsville, OH

female Peach Blossom DreamCoon

Peach Blossom DreamCoon
Sold to Anna from Seattle, WA

female Passion Game DreamCoon

Passion Game DreamCoon
Sold to Cheryl from Richmond, VA

female Pandora DreamCoon

Pandora DreamCoon
Sold to Robert from Southington, CT

female Pure Ginger DreamCoon

Pure Ginger DreamCoon
Sold to Valerie from Downsville, Louisiana

Litter "W&P" May 29 2015      


male Woodkid

Sold to Nancy from Richmond, VA

male Wild West

Wild West
Sold to Jolly from Virginia Beach, VA

Litter "M" May 25 2015      


female Molly DreamCoon

Molly DreamCoon
Sold to Ester from West Virginia

male Magadascar DreamCoon

Magadascar DreamCoon
Sold to Mindaugas from Willowbrook,IL

female Merce'des DreamCoon

Merce'des DreamCoon
Sold to Blaise from Leesburg, VA

male Maple Leaf DreamCoon

Maple Leaf DreamCoon
Sold to Guy & Jane from Charlotte, NC

Litter "K" May 23 2015      


female Katharina DreamCoon

Katharina DreamCoon
Sold to Amy from Peoria, IL

male Korston DreamCoon

Korston DreamCoon
Sold to Jay from Newport News, VA

female Keniya DremCoon

Keniya DremCoon
Sold to Mikhailina from Alexandria, VA

Litter "F&F" May 22 2015      


male DreamCoon Lynx

DreamCoon Lynx
Sold to Julie from Virginia

male Laurel DreamCoon

Laurel DreamCoon
Sold to Marilyn from Germantown, MD

male Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike
Sold to John from Richmond, VA

male Lamborghini

Sold to Cherry from Columbia Falls, MT

male Like

Sold to Lance from Houston, TX

Litter "JN" May 12 2015      


female Nabucca DreamCoon

Nabucca DreamCoon
Sold to April from Reedsville, OH

male North DreamCoon

North DreamCoon
Sold to Emerson from Chesapeake, VA

Litter "J" April 30 2015      


female Just Memory DreamCoon

Just Memory DreamCoon
Sold to Amanda from Maryville, TN

female Jasmin DreamCoon PP

Jasmin DreamCoon PP
Sold to Rebecca from Denver, CO

Litter "Y&D" April 19 2015      


male Moving Spirit

Moving Spirit
Sold to Gerald from Royersford, PA

Litter II April 14 2015      


male Intrepid DreamCoon

Intrepid DreamCoon
Sold to Beth from Spring Creek, NV

male Irwin DreamCoon

Irwin DreamCoon
Sold to Stephanie from San Diego, CA

Litter "R" April 08 2015      


male Reign DreamCoon

Reign DreamCoon
Sold to Linda from Wood Village, Oregon

Litter "JJ" April 02 2015      


male Jumping Jacks DreamCoon

Jumping Jacks DreamCoon
Sold to Mikhailina from Alexandria, VA

Litter "G" November 21 2014      


Gummy Bear (Morgus the Magnificent)

Gummy Bear (Morgus the Magnificent)
Sold to Rochelle from VA

male Goldman DreamCoon

Goldman DreamCoon
Sold to Katusha, Boston, MA

male Great Feudor DreamCoon

Great Feudor DreamCoon
Sold to Natalie from Whitefish, MT

male Great Fendi DreamCoon

Great Fendi DreamCoon
Sold to Ekaterina from Dover, MA

male Great Fluffy DreamCoon

Great Fluffy DreamCoon
Sold to Erika from Orange County, CA

Litter "F" October 20 2014      


male Fredy DreamCoon

Fredy DreamCoon
Sold to Darrell from Lake Charles, LA

female Folia

Sold to Eric from Jacksonville, Florida

male Foxy DreamCoon

Foxy DreamCoon
Sold to Anzhelika from Maryland

male Ferrari DreamCoon

Ferrari DreamCoon
Sold to Larisa from Woodbridge, VA

female Freya DreamCoon

Freya DreamCoon
Sold to Angela from Crofton, MD

male Flurry DreamCoon

Flurry DreamCoon
Sold to Dakota from Westport, CT

Litter "E" September 29 2014      


female Elena Prekrasnaya DreamCoon

Elena Prekrasnaya DreamCoon
Sold to Olia from Moscow, Russia

male Emelya DreamCoon

Emelya DreamCoon
Sold to Cathy from Maryland

Litter "D" August 11 2014      


male Dandy DreamCoon

Dandy DreamCoon
Sold to Milan from Potomac, MD

female Diadem DreamCoon

Diadem DreamCoon
Sold to Michael and Lisa from Norfolk, VA

Litter "C" July 14 2014      


male Cowboy DreamCoon

Cowboy DreamCoon
Sold to Boris from Moscow, Russia

female Cleopatra DreamCoon

Cleopatra DreamCoon
Sold to Michael and Lisa from Norfolk, VA

Litter "B" April 29 2014      



Litter "A" December 17 2013      


female Anoka DreamCoon

Anoka DreamCoon
Sold to Chanda from Dover, PA

male Amazon DreamCoon

Amazon DreamCoon
Sold to Roger from San Diego, CA

male Arnold DreamCoon

Arnold DreamCoon
Sold to Michael from Richmond, VA

male Akella DreamCoon

Akella DreamCoon
Sold to Gloria from San Francisco, CA

female Azalea DreamCoon

Azalea DreamCoon
Sold to Sheryl from Lynchburg, VA

Litter "Z" December 16 2013      



Litter "Y" November 14 2013      


male Yukos DreamCoon

Yukos DreamCoon
Sold to Tatiana from Moscow, Russia

female Yuna DreamCoon

Yuna DreamCoon
Stay whith us

female Yvette DreamCoon

Yvette DreamCoon
Sold to Tatyana, Moscow, Russia

Litter "X" October 21 2013      



Litter "V" August 26 2013      



Litter "W" August 26 2013      


male William DreamCoon

William DreamCoon
Sold to Raminta from London, Great Britain

Litter "U" August 19 2013      


female Ursula DreamCoon

Ursula DreamCoon
Sold to Jacqueline from Marliana, Italy

Litter "T" March 25 2013      



Litter "S" March 21 2013      



Litter "R" March 20 2013      



Litter "P" February 15 2013      



Litter "O" January 17 2013      


male Omar Dreamcoon

Omar Dreamcoon
Stay whith us

December 05 2012      



Litter "N" May 30 2012      



Litter "M" May 27 2012      



Litter "L" May 15 2012      



Litter "K" black & white May 15 2012      



Litter "J" May 06 2012      



Litter "H" March 29 2012      



Litter "I" March 29 2012      



Litter "G" January 16 2012      



Litter "F" October 29 2011      



Litter "Ň" October 05 2011      



Litter "D" June 08 2011      



Litter "—" May 24 2011      



Litter "¬" April 07 2011      



Litter "ņ" April 13 2010      



Litter "N"       


male DreamCoon Nice Day

DreamCoon Nice Day
Sold to Vicki and Ken from Rougemont, NC

Litter "E" 09/14/2015       


female DreamCoon Extasy

DreamCoon Extasy
Sold to Vanessa from Maryland

male DreamCoon Elisey Talisman

DreamCoon Elisey Talisman
Sold to Edite from CT

Litter N2       


male Ninja Silver Dagger

Ninja Silver Dagger
Sold to Harold from Moseley, VA

male Nice day

Nice day
Sold to Amy from Peoria, IL

Litter "T" 09/01/2015       


female Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa
Sold to Alex from Youngstown, NY

male Tabby Goth

Tabby Goth
Sold to Reserved by Harold from Moseley, VA

Litter "LP" Aliment       


male Rockville

Sold to Gwendolyn from Alexandria, VA

male Rush Silver

Rush Silver
Sold to Jay from Mclean, VA

male Ralph Wreck-It

Ralph Wreck-It
Sold to Olga from HAGERSTOWN, MD

Aliment litter "A" 06/22/2015       


male Alph

Sold to Edite from CT

Litter "PP"       


male Panther Paul

Panther Paul
Sold to located in Winchester, VA

"Available" kitten looking for his master, you can buy a kitten Maine Coon
"Option" kitten interested in, but he can still be free
"Reserved" for a kitten the advance payment is paid
"Sold" kitten found a loving home
"Stay whith us" kitten stays with us