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Name: DreamCoon Lika PP

Birth date:  September 01 2021
Color:  Black tabby with white
Status: Sold to Linda & Dennis from Wake Forest, North Carolina
Sex:  Female
Father: MoonDevils Draco Mother: DreamCoon Koko PP

Review and photos from new owner:
Just a note that Lika (now 'Lucy") and Maddie (was "Havanna") are starting to bond. It's taken a week but they are getting there...

We saw the vet and they all thought she was adorable. She's ...


MaleMoonDevils Draco
April 22 2018
Maine Coon,
MaleKruasan Family Stars
Maine Coon, red tabby blotched / white
MaleVesuvio Gonsior Line RU
July 19 2013
Maine Coon, black-tabby mack.
Title: Int.Ch
MalePillowtalk's Ti Amo
Maine Coon, blue/white
FemaleU-Camilla Gonsior Line
Maine Coon, black tabby blotched
FemaleRespecteoon New Fashion
Maine Coon, black tort. tabby blotched
Title: Int.Ch
MalePillowtalk's Da Masco
December 10 2010
Maine Coon, black tabby blotched
Title: Int.Ch
FemaleRespectcoon Viva Lynn
Maine Coon, black tort.tabby blotched / white
FemaleKeisi of MarvelForest
December 17 2014
Maine Coon, black tabby blotched
MaleVolnacoon Fandorin
August 13 2014
Maine Coon, black tabby blotched
Wild West Perfect Cat
January 01 1970
Maine Coon, black tabby mack
FemaleVolnacoon Anjelina Funny
Maine Coon, black tabby blotched / white
FemaleCleo of MarvelForest
January 30 2013
Maine Coon, blue tabby blotched
MaleCountry Gulliver's Respect
Maine Coon, blue tabby blotched
Title: Ch.
FemaleMamba SamaraCoon*Rus
Maine Coon, blue tabby blotched
FemaleDreamCoon Koko PP
December 17 2019
Maine Coon, Black silver tabby
MaleDreamCoon Mei Kong
April 27 2016
Maine Coon,
MaleDreamCoon Fidelio
Maine Coon,
Title: Supreme Grand Champion TICA
MalePoppy Field Blueberry
February 03 2009
Maine Coon, (a - blue)
Title: World Champion WCF
FemalePillowtalk's Jamaica (retired)
April 08 2010
Maine Coon,
FemalePillowtalk's Caribbean Princess (retired)
December 03 2010
Maine Coon,
MaleCoolMotion's Angel-Sky
July 31 2007
Maine Coon, black
FemalePawcatuck United Colour
November 24 2005
Maine Coon, brown cl. torbie
FemaleSalexCoon Colombina PP
September 15 2016
Maine Coon,
MaleCh Salexcoon Xochipili
Maine Coon, Red smoke with white
Title: Grand Champion
MaleSalexcoon Xander P.P.
July 07 2010
Maine Coon,
FemaleTop Coon Ulka
February 23 2008
Maine Coon,
FemaleBisquite Irbis
Maine Coon,
MaleSokolpark Doritis
Maine Coon,
FemaleMagic of Ozz Berry
Maine Coon,
Title: GICH