TICA & WCF registered and certified Cattery
Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
USDA licensed and inspected by APHIS USDA-APHIS


Name: Tiffany DreamCoon

Birth date:  March 25 2013
Status: Sold
Sex:  Female
Father: Langstteich's Day to Day Mother: Salexcoon La Perla

The baby Tiffany is a real diamond of our cattery. The gorgeous white hair and carved with a jeweler's accuracy Maine Coon’s features draw the attention, regardless of whether you are busy with something or not. It is the very inner force of gravity that causes the love for communication. Even the place for sleep a little Tiffany chooses not far from her host, and if he decides to go to another room, she would wake up and go after him, turning to the bosom of sleep only if the further changes of the locations for the nearest future are not expected. Tiffany cannot be called intrusive or overbearing, she will not bother you when you are working or reading a book, but it is important for her to be near: to nap curling up on the couch, or to wash, occasionally glancing at your side.

The baby’s character like of all the finest diamonds is multifaceted, and from either side it seems perfect and harmonious. When it comes to the games, Tiffany is transformed from a quiet cat into the real scamp rapidly conquering the peaks and distances in the pursuit for the tiny firefly from the laser pointer. After it she falls down and is gently purring asking for the praise for her new achievements. It can be said that the caress time for Tiffany is most enjoyable. Succumbing to your touch she is just swamping, turning to one than to the other side, touching the hands with a wet nose and gently stroking you with her paw. Like the inexhaustible vessel of tenderness this cat will never refuse the pastime with those whom she loves.

Tiffany is careful with the strangers, but sweet and hospitable. Taking the usual place beside the host, she will observe the conversation with the great curiosity, occasionally putting her head down as if she agrees or understands the man’s words. Sensitively feeling when they speak about her she is enlivened and becomes the full participant of the conversation, adjusting and supplementing it with sonorous purr. And if the conversation has turned to her external virtues, the young cat rises from her seat to demonstrate her advantages. Stretching up the gorgeous long ears with lovely white tassels, Tiffany modestly looks down, feeling the admiration in the eyes of the guest. 


MaleLangstteich's Day to Day
February 28 2011
Maine Coon,
Title: International Champion WCF
MaleLangstteich's P' Non Plus Ultra
May 15 2005
Maine Coon, blue smoke
MaleLangstteich's CC. O' Predicat
Maine Coon, blue smoke
MaleLangstteich's C. Countdown
December 26 2000
Maine Coon, brown mackerel tabby white
Title: CH
FemaleLangstteich's O' Perah
Maine Coon, silver cl. tabby
FemaleH.T.Exclusiv Atlantica
Maine Coon, blue cream smoke
MaleLangstteich's O' Baker
Maine Coon, black smoke
FemaleJarnac Rosegypsy
April 25 2000
Maine Coon, blue silver patched mackerel tabby
FemaleLangstteich's Day-Dream
December 05 2009
Maine Coon, brown patched cl.tabby white
MaleJustcoons Keep Smiling
May 08 2007
Maine Coon, cream white
MaleAloa's Nifty Wolf
Maine Coon, blue smoke
FemaleTojo Polaris Laura Pausini
November 14 2005
Maine Coon, blue patched cl.tabby white
FemaleLangstteich's M' Deja-vue
October 17 2000
Maine Coon, brown mackerel tabby white
MaleLovehulen's Michigan
June 10 1992
Maine Coon, silver mackerel tabby white
Title: CFA CH, EC
FemaleKing of Lion's L-Designer
Maine Coon, tortoiseshell
FemaleSalexcoon La Perla
April 22 2009
Maine Coon,
Title: Inter Champion
MaleLioncoon White Bear
November 25 2007
Maine Coon,
Title: GIC
MaleGordon Top Coon
Maine Coon, white
MaleOmkara Miwok
Maine Coon, white
Title: IC
FemaleAnya Avica Wiktoria Top Coon*PL
Maine Coon, black cl. tabby white
Title: CH
FemaleBarbi Red Top Coon
Maine Coon, red cl.tabby
MaleAsterion Cat Cabaret
Maine Coon, red cl.tabby
Title: GIC
FemaleWiktoria Alwaro*PL
Maine Coon, black cl. torbie
Title: GIC
FemaleTop Coon Ulka
February 23 2008
Maine Coon,
MaleAres Querer PL
August 28 2005
Maine Coon,
Title: IC
MaleEscape's Never Ending*FIN
Maine Coon,
Title: GIC
FemaleS Ma Coo's Question, SW
Maine Coon, red mackerel tabby
Title: CH
FemaleFergie Cat Cabaret PL
Maine Coon,
MaleZZ Top of Gentle Lions
Maine Coon, black silver cl.tabby
FemaleMaxi Alwaro*PL
Maine Coon, black cl. torbie
Title: IC