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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»


Name: DreamCoon Portugal

Birth date:  August 30 2021
Color:  Black silver tabby
Status: Sold to Janelle from Ilion, New York
Sex:  Male
Father: Pillowtalk´s Ghost Rider Mother: Allwood Victory (Dusya)

Review and photos from new owner:
He's doing great! Slept most of the way home in the carrier and is getting aquainted to the new house. He ate well when we got home and seems very calm. All good! Thank you for the beautiful family member....


MalePillowtalk´s Ghost Rider
Maine Coon,
FemaleAllwood Victory (Dusya)
January 17 2018
Maine Coon,
Maine Coon, red classic tabby
Title: CH
MaleMainewood's Z'neija Kummenta
July 31 2011
Maine Coon, black classic tabby
Title: S RW QGC
MaleCoonung Helt Harald
May 01 2010
Maine Coon, black classic tabby
Title: RW QGC
FemaleWistariantale Ulf of Mainewood
May 22 2024
Maine Coon, black classic tabby
Title: RW CH
FemaleMainewood's Magpie
June 08 2011
Maine Coon, black mackerel torbie
Title: D CH
MaleBig-Hannibal's Midnight Run
April 15 2008
Maine Coon, black mackerel tabby
Title: WCH
FemaleCoonung Honne Helga
May 01 2010
Maine Coon, black mackerel torbie
FemaleImpala DreamCoon
March 29 2012
Maine Coon, - black - n
MaleLangstteich's Day to Day
February 28 2011
Maine Coon,
Title: International Champion WCF
MaleLangstteich's P' Non Plus Ultra
May 15 2005
Maine Coon, blue smoke
FemaleLangstteich's Day-Dream
December 05 2009
Maine Coon, brown patched cl.tabby white
FemaleFede Gia MediumColor*PL (retired)
December 16 2009
Maine Coon,
MaleConsul Medium Color*PL
Maine Coon, blue cl. tabby white
FemaleMedium Color Goldwana*PL
Maine Coon, black cl. torbie