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Name: Pillowtalk's Caribbean Princess

Birth date:  December 03 2010
Color:  brown tabby
Sex:  Female
Father: CoolMotion's Angel-Sky Mother: Pawcatuck United Colour

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Caribbean Princess is the second cat who has come from the German cattery Pillowtalk. She's a great daughter of Cool Motion's Angel Sky and Pillowtalk's United Colour. She has taken from her parents only the best: she is beautiful, graceful, and aristocratic - in one word, she is gorgeous!

Our own Princess

Even at home we call Caribbean Princess as Princess. You cannot call her differently, she is Princess with the capital letter – she is charming, sophisticated and a little bit whimsical. Yeah, she can even be offended - and that is OK – it is allowed to the Princesses. She knows how to ask so that it seems as if she orders you. She does not meow loudly, jump and scratch - Princess knows how to get the caress or tidbit.

Only the beauty!

Princess is very pretty, her eyes of hazel color are just charming, her hair is great - pleasant by touch and it has a very warm tone of brown. It is so nice to stroke her hair gently moving your fingers. Princess likes so much. She stops, as if trying to stop the perfect moment, then pulls out and thankfully rubs with her muzzle.

Songs of Princess

She has a long, perfectly fluffy tail that is like a boa. The voice of Princess is graceful, with a predominance of high notes, which make it memorable. This cat can be distinguished out of the million other voices. She does not meow! She sings, sings like no one else! We like to listen to her.

She is perfectly proportioned. She has a strong muscular body, heavy bones. Her body is very flexible. In such games as touch and run she has no equal. We often arrange the competition with her for a rubber ball or a scratching pouf. However, Princess gladly runs for the paper balls, if she is in good mood.

Bon appetite

Princess loves to eat very much and to play; she has often done it at the same time and with the temperament of a piranha in her childhood, for which she has received the nickname - Piranha. But it is in the past! Now she has learned good manners, knows how to behave "at the table", and we are very proud of her.

We are very glad that we have such a wonderful Princess and, of course, very grateful to Bettina for her! At the present moment we cannot even imagine that sometime in our humble "kingdom" there has not been the master - Princess, so strict but fair, who is ready to enjoy the life on the knees of her patrials for hours. 


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