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Name: DreamCoon Julia Caesar

Birth date:  October 22 2018
Color:  Black
Status: Sold to Anthony from Omaha, Nebraska
Sex:  Female
Father: Salexcoon Zemwald Mother: Langstteich's Muchas Gracias (retired)

Review and photos from new owner:
Here are a couple of photos of the lovely Julia

Jun 16 2019

Additional information: 

Julia living in family at Omaha, Nebraska.

We rehoming her, because their newborn baby is allergic to cats :(
They said "She's really a great cat, and will deeply be missed.
So the more time we have with her the better.

I hope she find new loving home soon!

Update!!! Got news from current owner:
The baby is great and so is Julia! They both are the best of friends it's really cute.
Which brings me to say that our pediatrician was totally wrong about Julia being the reason why the baby was breaking out.
It was infact our laundry detergent.
Needless to say we've gotten a different pediatrician.
We would love to keep Julia if it's not too late.