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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
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Name: Shedoros Wynona

Birth date:  December 19 2012
Status: Reserved by Ramona from Prescott, WI
Sex:  Female
Father: Top Coon Omar Mother: Shedoros Anastasia

Litter "C"
Litter "P"
Litter "T"
Litter KR "Great Victory"
Litter "O"
Litter "IP"

Additional information: Our Wynona retired and looking for new home.
Very affectionate and big girl
Price of $800 should be fair.


MaleTop Coon Omar
November 12 2011
Maine Coon, d 23
MaleTop Coon Usee
March 23 2008
Maine Coon, ns 23
MaleAres Querer PL
Maine Coon, red mackerel tabby
Title: IC
MaleEscape's Never Ending*FIN
Maine Coon, red cl.tabby
Title: GIC
FemaleS Ma Coo's Question, SW
Maine Coon, red mackerel tabby
Title: CH
FemaleFergie Cat Cabaret PL
Maine Coon, black silver cl. torbie
MaleZZ Top of Gentle Lions
Maine Coon, black silver cl.tabby
FemaleMaxi Alwaro*PL
Maine Coon, black cl. torbie
Title: IC
FemaleTop Coon X' Mara
September 08 2010
Maine Coon, f 22
MaleTop Coon Koffi
Maine Coon, e
MaleVelvetjewels Chicago of Top Coon
Maine Coon, n 22
FemaleTop Coon Maya
Maine Coon, g 22
FemaleLove Hulen's Black Pride
June 28 2008
Maine Coon, n
MaleLove Hulen's Monkey Business
Maine Coon, n 22 03
FemaleLove Hulen's Teme
Maine Coon, f 22
FemaleShedoros Anastasia
August 11 2008
Maine Coon, f 22 03
Title: Ch.
MaleDorv Samatna Giazda*PL
November 21 2003
Maine Coon, n 22 03
MaleBodygard of Atte Ros, CZ
Maine Coon, d 23 03
Title: Euro.Ch.
MaleCalipso Gentle Lions, CZ
Maine Coon, n 22 03
Title: Int.Ch.
FemaleBonny M. of Gentle Lions, CZ
Maine Coon, f 23 03
Title: Ch.
FemaleDaisy Tiili*PL
Maine Coon, n 22 03
Title: Int.Ch.
MaleDynamicats Demolutionman
Maine Coon, n 22 03
Title: Euro.Ch.
FemaleOceane des Pampres
Maine Coon, n 22 03
FemaleGinger Joko-Xzar*PL
December 18 2004
Maine Coon, d 22
MaleLillycoon's Gordon Flash
Maine Coon, ds 22 03
MaleForest House Gwidon
Maine Coon, ns 23 03
FemaleLillycoon's Egeria
Maine Coon, f 22 03
FemaleCelebrity Lavender Love*PL
Maine Coon, g
Title: Int.Ch.
MaleMoulin de Crecy Tennessee
Maine Coon, d 22
Title: Int.Ch.
FemaleArabela Lavender Love*PL
Maine Coon, n 22 03
Title: Int.Ch.