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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»


Name: Fredy DreamCoon

Birth date:  October 20 2014
Color:  blue silver cl.tabby
Status: Sold to Darrell from Lake Charles, LA
Sex:  Male
Father: Alwaro Platon Mother: Langstteich's Muchas Gracias (retired)

Review and photos from new owner:
Hey Elena, hope all is well. †Just wanted to stop by and let you know how fredy is doing.
He is now 15lbs and 38 inches in length! †His tail alone is 16in! †Im thankful to call him mine. †He’s...

Let us present you a wonderful little pet companion Fredy! This is enough to look into his appealing sweet amber eyes and be captivated forever. Fredy is a tiny prince according to his appearance and manners. Everything in him is refined beginning from tops of ears and ending with a switch. The marking of this wonderful kitten is of noble silver color with tabbies covering his body like marble. The whole body is long and strong with prolonged soft furry paws and incredibly bushy tail. By the way his coat is so soft and silky and one can sing dithyrambs to it for a long time! Fredy is full of charm and charisma and his walk is portly and majestic.

Little Maine Coon Fredy is very devoted to people and is quite delicate. He needs much attention and care otherwise he may feel lonely and be bored. But at the same time his endearment doesn’t seem to be obtrusive as it happens with other cats. Fredy adores to be caressed and in response he nuzzles in his beloved owners.

This furry ball loves to communicate with children, and he also finds a common language with other cats and even with kind dogs. Fredy has a melodic and pleasant voice, but nevertheless he is a laconic young man and prefers to speak up only in the last resort. His thin voice is non-comparable with the huge dimensions of this pet, but nevertheless it is very funny to hear this big good-looker singing in a thin voice.

This cutie Maine Coon is of placid temperament. He will be happy to dwell in an apartment or in a private house, because he likes closed spaces. Fredy is very sociable and can play with the owners as the mood takes him. His favorite toys are various tunnels and toy-mice stuffed with catnip. If you wish he is able to play hours with you non-stop, this will bring him much joy. But he will not bother you if you are busy with some other affair. Moreover this little creature is quite patient and he is able to adapt easily to a new place. He doesnít like much noisy get-togethers because he has a well-developed hearing. Furthermore Fredyís intellectual skills are quite high and he is able to be trained very fast.

To summarize it is necessary to say that little Maine Coon Fredy is a perfect companion for every family wishing to accept a funny, disciplined, gentle, well-mannered, loving, affectionate, bright and very likable kitten into their home. He is an adorable friend for children as well as a good and understanding companion for adults. †


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