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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
USDA licensed and inspected by APHIS USDA-APHIS


Name: DreamCoon Frost (ex Duke Nuke)

Birth date:  February 18 2018
Status: Sold to Jeffrey from Abington PA
Sex:  Female
Father: Salexcoon Zimwald San Sanuch
Mother: DreamCoon Mjara

Review and photos from new owner:
Doing very well. Eats , plays , sleeps . Start over . Always very happy.
And looks for my lap to sleep on when done playing.

Video from new owner
Additional information: Later it turned out that this is a girl.
Up to 3 months she carefully disguised himself as a boy by all signs.


MaleSalexcoon Zimwald San Sanuch
Maine Coon,
FemaleDreamCoon Mjara
Maine Coon,
MaleUmka DreamCoon
August 19 2013
Maine Coon, white
MaleSalexcoon Denver
November 16 2011
Maine Coon, white
Title: RW SGC (TICA)
MaleSalexcoon Percyvelle
November 16 2011
Maine Coon,
FemaleSalexcoon Destiny
Maine Coon, f
Title: Gr.Int.Ch.
FemaleDreamCoon Jumanji
May 06 2012
Maine Coon, black
Title: CH TICA
MalePillowtalk's Black Jack
October 28 2010
Maine Coon, black ( )
Title: Grand Inter Champion WCF
FemaleDreamCoon Dark Moon
June 08 2011
Maine Coon, , n 22, black cl.tabby
Title: Quadruple Grand Champion TICA
FemaleSalexcoon Barbara
November 21 2010
Maine Coon, blue white
MaleSimbasa's Kalimero PP
Maine Coon, n 03
MaleBogy Cat's Jesse PP'James
Maine Coon, d 03
FemaleSimbasa's Tiffany
Maine Coon, n 22 03
FemaleSalexcoon Destiny
Maine Coon, f
Title: Gr.Int.Ch.
MaleLioncoon's Ulrich
May 10 2005
Maine Coon, e 22
Title: W.Ch.
FemaleParadise Coon's Celina of Salexcoon
Maine Coon, ns 09