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Name: MaineMarie Guakomole (Molly)

Birth date:  October 19 2020
Color:  Black tabby
Status: Stay whith us
Sex:  Male
Breeder:  Maria P. (Kazakhstan)
Father: Cuzzoe Wolvesland of Mainemarie Mother: Windinwillows Grace of Mainemarie

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Additional information: 
Molly's health DNA profile

Molly is a stunning Maine Coon cat with unique markings that resemble those of a raccoon. His fur is a beautiful blend of browns, blacks, and oranges, and his stripes are so distinct that they stand out in a crowd. His big, bright green eyes always have a gentle and kind expression, making him all the more endearing.

Molly is a big cat, much larger than the average housecat. He is an indoor cat who loves nothing more than lounging in the sun and taking long naps on his favorite spot on the sofa. Despite being an indoor cat, he has a wild spirit that comes alive when he's playing with his toys or chasing laser pointers.

Molly's size and strength can be intimidating to some, but his friendly and gentle nature quickly puts people at ease. He loves to be petted and snuggled, and he's always happy to curl up in his human's lap for a good cuddle.


MaleCuzzoe Wolvesland of Mainemarie
July 15 2013
Maine Coon, Black cl tabby with white
Title: JCH
MaleCuzzoe Timberland
June 23 2011
Maine Coon, n 22
Title: GC NW
MaleCoonalley Tony Lama of Cabincoon
August 25 2009
Maine Coon, n 09 22
Title: GC RW
MaleCabincoon Wild Bill Haycock
February 29 2008
Maine Coon, n 09 23
Title: GC
FemaleCoonalley Moondance
May 19 2008
Maine Coon, ns 09 22
FemaleCuzzoe Hearts A Fire
Maine Coon,
MaleCuzzoe Rain Delay
Maine Coon,
Title: Ch
FemaleHoneycoon Genesis of Cuzzoe
Maine Coon,
FemaleTropikoons Surfin Safari of Cuzzoe
August 20 2012
Maine Coon, n 09 22
Title: GC
MaleAngtini Joe Fish of Tropikoons
October 11 2007
Maine Coon, n 09 22
Title: GC
MaleRickoons Rockford of Angtini
November 15 2006
Maine Coon, n 09 22
Title: GC GP RW
FemaleAngtini Sophie
July 29 2005
Maine Coon, n 09 22
FemaleAngtini Truly Divine of Tropikoons
November 17 2011
Maine Coon, n 09 22
MaleJavacats Nathanstarbuck of Angtini
December 23 2008
Maine Coon, n 03 22
FemaleTropikoons Yours Truly of Angtini
May 10 2010
Maine Coon, n 09 22
FemaleWindinwillows Grace of Mainemarie
September 22 2019
Maine Coon, Brown classic tabby
MaleStallers John Snow
November 30 2017
Maine Coon, ns 03 22
MaleTikasi FP Schubert
June 02 2023
Maine Coon, dsá09á22
MaleStallers Hello Party
June 02 2023
Maine Coon, ná09á22
FemaleFairy-Paw Blue Breeze of Tikasi
November 30 2012
Maine Coon, asá09á22
FemaleBonneamie Miracle Mile
October 26 2011
Maine Coon, ná09á22
MaleBonneamie Twin Oaks
June 02 2023
Maine Coon, ná22
FemaleMainesuspect Sayuri of Bonneamie
May 25 2010
Maine Coon, ná03á22
FemaleAllywood Mavis
February 18 2016
Maine Coon, a 09 22 64
MaleRiddlecoon`s L.Czardas
June 20 2012
Maine Coon,
Title: QGC
MaleWistariantale Sakura Storm
Maine Coon,
FemaleRiddlecoon's L.E.Esti
Maine Coon,
Title: QGC
FemaleAllywood Good Charlotte
January 24 2014
Maine Coon, f 09 22
Title: RW QGC
MaleStallers Hello Party
June 02 2023
Maine Coon, ná09á22
FemaleCoonwood's E'Calisto
October 05 2012
Maine Coon, f 22