TICA & WCF registered and certified Cattery
Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»


Name: Blackberry DreamCoom

Birth date:  April 29 2014
Color:  black tortie with white
Status: Stay whith us
Sex:  Female
Father: SaraJen Virginia Gentleman Mother: Langstteich's Muchas Gracias (retired)

Litter "H"
Litter "T"
Litter "I"
Litter "A"
Litter "Y"
Litter "A"
Litter "J"


MaleSaraJen Virginia Gentleman
January 23 2009
Maine Coon,
Title: Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion
MaleSarajen Menunkatuck of Fogcity
July 29 2006
Maine Coon, ns 09 22
MaleSarajen Scoresby
September 03 2002
Maine Coon, ds 09 22
Title: International Winner, Supreme Grand Champion
MaleCoonoquan Brannan of Fogcity
July 29 2001
Maine Coon, ns 09
Title: CH
FemaleMainesuspect India Pale of SaraJen
June 26 2000
Maine Coon, fs 09 22
FemaleSarajen Stella Artois
June 05 2005
Maine Coon, n 09 23
MaleSaraJen Jaegermeister
August 11 1999
Maine Coon, n
Title: IW, SGC
FemaleFogcity Syrah of Sarajen
February 21 2004
Maine Coon, n 09 23
FemaleTerrificats Cherry Pop
November 01 2007
Maine Coon, f 09
MaleTerrificats Creme Soda
September 13 2005
Maine Coon, ds 09 23
MaleTrutails Honky Tonk Hero
April 04 2004
Maine Coon, d 09 23
Title: RW-GC
FemaleTops'ncats Topsy Turvy
Maine Coon, fs 09 22
FemaleTerrificats Tondri
February 28 2006
Maine Coon, n 22
MaleTerrificats Thunderbolt
March 23 2002
Maine Coon, n 09 22
FemaleTerrificats Velveteen Rabbit
January 01 2004
Maine Coon, n 09
Title: RW-SGC-CH
FemaleLangstteich's Muchas Gracias (retired)
October 29 2010
Maine Coon,
Title: Grand Inter Champion WCF
MaleLangstteich's P' Non Plus Ultra
May 15 2005
Maine Coon, blue smoke
MaleLangstteich's CC. O' Predicat
Maine Coon, blue smoke
MaleLangstteich's C. Countdown
December 26 2000
Maine Coon, brown mackerel tabby white
Title: CH
FemaleLangstteich's O' Perah
Maine Coon, silver cl. tabby
FemaleH.T.Exclusiv Atlantica
Maine Coon, blue cream smoke
MaleLangstteich's O' Baker
Maine Coon, black smoke
FemaleJarnac Rosegypsy
April 25 2000
Maine Coon, blue silver patched mackerel tabby
FemaleLangstteich's S' Slow Fox
October 16 2008
Maine Coon, cream
MaleJustcoons Keep Smiling
May 08 2007
Maine Coon, cream white
MaleAloa's Nifty Wolf
Maine Coon, blue smoke
FemaleTojo Polaris Laura Pausini
November 14 2005
Maine Coon, blue patched cl.tabby white
FemaleMountaineer's Shakira Magic Star
January 11 2002
Maine Coon, blue cream
MaleBelushies Utha
June 28 2001
Maine Coon, cream silver cl.tabby
FemaleMega Odessa
Maine Coon, blue
Title: GIC