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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
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Name: DreamCoon Don Urich

Birth date:  August 15 2019
Color:  Red tabby
Status: Sold to Laurie from New Albany, Indiana
Sex:  Male
Father: FamilyStars Richard Mother: DreamCoon Athena's Cream

Review and photos from new owner:
Thank you Elena! We think the same of you and your family. She is in LOVE with her new kitty. He is just what she wanted. He ended up using his litter box last night we brought for him in the car. He ...


MaleFamilyStars Richard
March 09 2018
Maine Coon,
MaleTaison Family Stars
Maine Coon,
Title: ICH
MaleZarik Family Stars
Maine Coon,
Title: ICH
MaleLord Dooley of CaDazz
Maine Coon,
Title: Ch
FemaleMireille Mathie Family Stars
Maine Coon,
Title: Ch
FemaleCorbona Irma Family Stars
Maine Coon,
Title: CH
MaleKiyaras Urythmic
Maine Coon,
FemaleCuzzoe Elena
Maine Coon,
FemaleWhitney Larenda
Maine Coon,
Title: CH
MaleTheseus Di Gatt'Opera
Maine Coon,
Title: CH
MaleLog Cabin Shags Kashmir
Maine Coon,
FemaleJustcoons Cute Cookie
Maine Coon,
Title: CH
FemaleNoami Larenda
Maine Coon,
Title: GICH
MaleIT Shonycoons Sebastian
Maine Coon,
FemaleOllie Oria of Sudden Blazing
Maine Coon,
Title: GIC
FemaleDreamCoon Athena's Cream
Maine Coon,
MaleDreamCoon Fidelio
Maine Coon,
Title: Supreme Grand Champion TICA
MalePoppy Field Blueberry
February 03 2009
Maine Coon, (a - blue)
Title: World Champion WCF
MaleZahar Benninkshof
Maine Coon, black
FemaleDeneuve Catherine SavageCoon*RU
Maine Coon, blue cl. tabby
FemalePillowtalk's Jamaica (retired)
April 08 2010
Maine Coon,
MaleTreasure Island's Ice-Man
September 07 2008
Maine Coon, black silver cl.tabby with white
FemaleCoolMotion's Sweet-Temptation
November 15 2008
Maine Coon, red cl.tabby
FemaleAlwaro Athena
November 12 2010
Maine Coon,
Title: International Crand Champion WCF
MaleMainefield's Van Halen
August 19 2009
Maine Coon, red silver cl. tabby
MaleMainefield's Howling Wolf
July 07 2008
Maine Coon, black smoke
FemaleMainefield's Bijou
August 02 2007
Maine Coon, red silver cl. tabby
FemaleAlwaro Maxi Star
Maine Coon, black mackerel torbie
MaleWytopitlock H'Bono Madox
June 17 2002
Maine Coon, blue cl. tabby white
Title: IC
FemaleAlwaro Penelope
September 28 2007
Maine Coon, red mackerel tabby