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Name: Langstteich's Muchas Gracias

Birth date:  October 29 2010
Color:  blue cream
Title:  Grand Inter Champion WCF
Sex:  Female
Father: Langstteich's P' Non Plus Ultra Mother: Langstteich's S' Slow Fox

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My sweet and dear, Muchas Gracias :-)

At home we call her Muchas. She is a very interesting cat that has absorbed the best features of the breed of Maine Coon. Looking at her photo, you can notice it!

Dear, German woman

This cat we have brought from the cattery Langstteich in Germany, from the town of Allen, it is a suburb of wondrous Hamm (and it is wonderful because of the abundance of various statues of elephants).

She has solid German character traits, such as correctness and cool calmness! Of course, she does not like beer, but she does not refuse from milk!

Her come has made us to take another look at the size of cats, as the size of Muchas is really impressive. She is an incredibly large and powerful cat with a long heavy body and at least a long tail. One glance at her is enough to understand - this lady knows her worth. Yeah, and we - her hosts - also know the value of our beauty Muchas.

Muchas does not need mink fur coat  

Muchas has luxurious thick hair; very nice distribution of blue and cream colors gives to the color special harmony. We love to stroke her fur, tickle her ears, scratching her tummy. Muchas responds to these caresses with special thanks – she purrs and has so weary look.

Muchas is very delicate in everything she does, it is possible to feel special charm and grace, her charm has no limits. Special words are to be mentioned speaking about her intelligence - she never climbs into a bowl for food, and always waits until she is served personally, never pours water and throws food. It is the very proof that Muchas does not indulge, does not induce the riots.

Play, play, play!

Special attention is to be paid to her games - they are so unobtrusive, quiet, but at the same time so dynamic! Muchas falls on her back, moves her paws, turning her favorite toy. Taking into consideration the size of our beauty, it looks pretty funny.

And it is worth noting no less important advantage – it is gorgeous temperament and wonderful character. She loves spending time with family, she is not a loner. All the events in the house are accompanied by her personal presence and supervision. She is very kind, never shows aggression to the kids, on the contrary - she even allows them to "torture" her a little bit when the kids are interested in it, she just goes away with a wag of the tail.

Thank you, Muchas that you are with us

Muchas always calms the hosts when they are sad, rubs their cheek with her delicate muzzle, tickles with her whiskers - and all alarms immediately disappear! We are very grateful to Helge for our child!

Muchas is growing, and we love her more and more, starting from the sharp little mustache, and ending with the tip of her tail, which can be so mischievous and unpredictable. 


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