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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»


Name: Ferrari DreamCoon

Birth date:  October 20 2014
Color:  blue silver cl.tabby
Status: Sold to Larisa from Woodbridge, VA
Sex:  Male
Father: Alwaro Platon Mother: Langstteich's Muchas Gracias (retired)

Review and photos from new owner:

Hello, Elena.
We are fine, even wonderful. Our beloved and dearly beloved Stepashka (Ferrari) is growing by leaps and bounds, and never ceases to delight and amaze us. Not only did ...


Have you ever heard the roaring motor of a same-name racing car? This funny furry ball purrs exactly like it when he feels happy, safe and pleased. If Ferrari’s purr resembles a powerful motor his manners are similar to a lion. He is charming, friendly, likes to be a major focus of interest. He is independent but loves fondling very much. This kitten’s majestic bearing and prance reveal his royal character and a lion heart. Ferrari is no way a bag of rations! He likes to observe birds, think of eternal things and he is always polite and decent.

Looking at this kitten for the first time one can fall in love forever. His coat is silver with blue tabbies, covering a prolonged body with some sophisticated pattern. Ferrari’s big ears give him a little puzzled and funny expression. And about the tail of his it is possible to talk long: it is fabulous, furry and very long. When Ferrari walks his tail waffs him like a dreamlike luxurious fan.

This kitten has an outgiving and conflict-free character. If you appear to have cats, dogs or other pets at home – Ferrari will be in tune with all them. He is buoyant and very good-natured. Ferrari has an unpretentious character concerning either food or living space. Therefore he can easily dwell in a house or in a compact apartment. He easily adjusts himself to his owner’s daily regimen.

This tiny Maine Coon is very tender and sweet. He is very devoted to his owners but doesn’t bother them with annoyances. Ferrari doesn’t choose only one owner and he perfectly gets on with all members of the family and other pets.

Although Ferrari has royal lion manners he instantly turns back into a playful kitten when he sees different balls, rustling toys, squeaking teasers and various toy-mice. He is fond of cat tunnels and houses with lots of passageways and scratching posts.

To sum up this Mane Coon is a lovely partner and a full-fledged member of a family. He easily conforms to life and habits of his owners and adores communicating with people and other pets. His splendid appearance will bring pleasure, delight and relaxation for those who interact with him. He is gentle and loves to be caressed and his loveliest hobby is to be brushed. Ferrari is not squeamish about food and living space. And he can play with you and your children for hours bringing happiness and merriment into your home. All these brilliant features and many others make this kitten a wonderful companion for every loving a caring family.  


MaleAlwaro Platon
November 05 2010
Maine Coon,
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August 07 2005
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Maine Coon, blue cl. tabby white
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April 10 2004
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FemaleAlwaro Bonnie Blue
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MaleWytopitlock H'Bono Madox
June 17 2002
Maine Coon, blue cl. tabby white
Title: IC
FemaleBig Giants Flamenco
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FemaleLangstteich's Muchas Gracias (retired)
October 29 2010
Maine Coon,
Title: Grand Inter Champion WCF
MaleLangstteich's P' Non Plus Ultra
May 15 2005
Maine Coon, blue smoke
MaleLangstteich's CC. O' Predicat
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January 11 2002
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June 28 2001
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Title: GIC