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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
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Name: Langstteich's Day to Day

Birth date:  February 28 2011
Color:  a 22 03
Title:  International Champion WCF
Sex:  Male
Father: Langstteich's P' Non Plus Ultra Mother: Langstteich's Day-Dream

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Litter "E" 09/14/2015
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Have a good Day!

If you ask me, what happiness is by touch, I will answer at once without any hesitation that it is fluffy. This is the very cat that lives with us - Day to Day, you can simply call him Day. He is handsome, he knows his own worth, but he is not boastful at all, rather modest and quick-witted.

The first acquaintance

When Day has come to our house, he has immediately managed to endear. He has not shown his superiority, has not been shunned, and has immediately started to get acquainted with others, to fawn, to play. It is needless to say, that in response he has received much love since the very first minutes of being in our house?

Day cannot live even a minute without human society, he depends on it, he needs the others to pay attention to him, to caress him, call his name. And it is not difficult at all - even pleasant. To caress Day is pure pleasure; he's so soft and fluffy that you want to tick him off as a pillow, and lie down to have some rest. Day shows with all his appearance that he is not against.

I am like that!

Day has a talent that sets him apart from other cats, and he is very proud of it, and so do we. Day can talk. Yes, he never meows, he utters loudly "Yyaaaaa!" reminding of his presence, although is it possible to forget about such a miracle?

Sometimes he just comes, says "Yyaaaaa!" just to get a portion of affection, he requires immediate scratching, stroking, kind words, and when he receives what he wants - he goes to sleep, if the hosts are busy.

He smiles because of his kindness

Probably there is no such kind and docile cat as Day. He will never scratch, bite you, once he sees people he becomes very happy and ... smiles! It's incredibly! The cute cat looks at people and lifts the corners of his mouth to show his smile. Yes, there is no cat better than Day. Maine Coon is the embodiment of love and affection!

Cause time - fun time!

Our Day is the lover to fool. He sniffs loudly, rolls, bites the toys, waits for approval of the people as he wants them to have fun and enjoy his play, otherwise what's the point of this process?

Also the cat likes to have fun while drinking, as a small child, he snorts in milk or water, blowing bubbles. He is such a humorist. In the street people often ask us how is our child? They mean Day, because it is impossible to call him an ordinary cat.

Day by day with Day

Day's name means "day-by-day". It has become prophetic, as without our Fluffy we cannot imagine our life. It is impossible to watch TV, to cook, to play Frisbee without him! The answer is clear - every day with Day!á


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May 15 2005
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