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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»


Name: Great Fluffy DreamCoon

Birth date:  November 21 2014
Color:  black cl.tabby
Status: Sold to Erika from Orange County, CA
Sex:  Male
Father: Alwaro Platon Mother: Fede Gia MediumColor*PL (retired)

Review and photos from new owner:
He's such a sweetheart!! When I come home he runs up to me and starts following me around and purring haha. He's the sunshine in my day always. He actually really loves sitting in one of the windo...

Fluffy’s remarkable wit, amiability and friskiness are distinguishing character features of this wonderful kitten. As you may see Fluffy got his name for reason. His soft dense fur overflows with silver colors on the daylight which creates a genuinely admirable sight.

Fluffy likes to sit on knees and responds to the caress with joyful purr. He is a perfect companion for every venture and will follow the owner-friend with his typical fidelity. He always tries to be au currant of all family events and renders appropriate help. Fluffy is very housewifely and likes everything to be on its place, especially when it comes to food. And once his owner decides to play with him – Fluffys delight will be endless. This little creature is very active, curious, with some hunt instinct. He is very energetic talkative and devoted to people, to whom he by all means demonstrates his affection and love. Fluffys voice is very low but very melodic and pleasant.

This wonderful kitten adapts to new conditions very well and is grateful for what life sends him. Fluffy has a good character: he is gentle, calm, sagacious, well-adaptive and very affectionate to his owner. He is characterized by a term “a golden mean” as being unobtrusive and at the same time very loving, obedient and true hearted.

Fluffy may be well trained thanks to his pliant temper and sharp intelligence. He goes along fine with children, and they may become real friends. Moreover Fluffy is also friendly with other pets. Due to his sociability this tiny Maine Coon always has partners for the game which is an integral part of his life. A kid, a kitten or a puppy: Fluffy is able to have fun with everyone. In order to keep your home in order it is better to purchase some toys and play complexes and your little friend will be endlessly thankful to you.

Furthermore this touching creature feels precisely your mood: if your spirits are low Fluffy will understand it at once. He will sit next to you and begin to reassure you, sing you songs following which in several minutes you will realize that all your problems are solvable and nothing horrible has happened. If you are in good mood this Maine Coon will gladly share your joy.

Character type is one of the most important things while selecting a pet. One may say quite literally that Fluffy has unique traits of temper, so choosing him you will acquire a trustworthy reliable friend and an excellent interlocutor!


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November 05 2010
Maine Coon,
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