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Name: Fede Gia MediumColor*PL

Birth date:  December 16 2009
Color:  f 22
Sex:  Female
Father: Consul Medium Color*PL Mother: Medium Color Goldwana*PL

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Fede Gia is a maine coon cat of black marble tortoise color.

Fede has very mysterious nature; she looks like a Frenchwoman, like a subtly aristocratic Frenchwoman. Every her step is graceful. She has a terrific temperament - she is very affectionate, kind, curious and sociable – she is the perfect Maine Coon cat!

Thank you, Fede!

About such cat you can only dream: she loves people, loves little kids, incredibly affectionate and docile. One word is enough to make her understand what you want from her. She cannot stand the screaming - for Fede it is simply unacceptable. She knows how to negotiate. She is soft, gentle, and she requires the appropriate attitude and love!

How she loves to kiss us! She does it very gently, purring and kissing and lightly biting the ear in the morning, saying that it is time to wake up. And she can hug your neck with her paws, bury her wet nose in your ear and start rattling. Her favorite pastime is to soak up at someone's knees, at the same time she is quietly purring and you feel relaxed. She has such silky hair that you want to caress it again and again.

Fede is very grateful to the caresses; she often asks to scratch her, caress. The purring itself resembles some music, such quiet and gentle.

The transformation from the ladies into a little meteor

The games are fundamentally changing her; she turns out of the lady into a little meteor who excitedly runs around the house. She also takes part in all of our domestic affairs. When we watch TV, Fede joins the whole family, when we wash the dishes, she mysteriously looks at water, when we take the vacuum cleaner, and she does not run away and does not mind to be vacuumed at the same time. Thus, Fede has time for everything, gently moving her paws.

The real beauty is our Fede

She has a beautiful pedigree head, fascinatingly beautiful eyes, wide high set ears with tassels that make Fede look like a lynx. She has beautiful, harmonious body; she has bright and beautiful hair, her tail and mane are worthy of admiration. She loves to pose for pictures as she understands - it makes the history, other people will look these photos and admire the beauty of Fede. She sits gracefully as if she chooses the best angle for a shot gracefully raises her head and never looks away! Well, she is the real model.

I adore this cat! She blooms every day. We hope very much that her kittens will be as beautiful as she is. Moreover, Fede should be a wonderful mother because she is interested not only in young kittens and but puppies without any aggression.

Thank to a wonderful woman -the owner of the cattery MediymColor - Anna Buzchak for such great baby, as well as for the nice memories of the trip to Poland! 


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