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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
USDA licensed and inspected by APHIS USDA-APHIS


Name: Clementine DreamCoon

Birth date:  July 14 2014
Color:  black tortie
Status: Stay whith us
Sex:  Female
Father: Pillowtalk's Black Jack Mother: Shedoros Wynona (retired)


The manifold and diverse nature very often resorts to some art creating truly wonderful life forms. The most vivid example is this lovely kitten Clementine. Her fabulous marking varying from ash-grey to dazzling red attracts the limelight and boggles the imagination. Clementine’s ethos is majestic: filled with gala beauty, prance, demeanor, her little amazing tufts look like a crown framing her head. Moreover this furry cutie has a peculiar royal dark brown stripe going from neck and proceeding down to the very tail, which distinguishes her from others and gives her marking a special charm. Clementine’s glance deserves a special attention because one can’t even remove gaze from her. Her genuinely enchanting hazel eyes relax, reassure and set the calmness in the life of her happy owner.

Clementine is very affectionate and pettable. She adores sitting on knees and being fondled by tender hands. If you search for a perfect sweet, soft and loving companion – this tiny creature is exactly what you need. By the way due to her royal and delicate nature Clementine is a little bit timid during the first meeting with a human, but when she realizes that the caressing and loving person communicates with her – she is absolutely ready for interaction, games and embraces! She is also fond of delicious, dainty dishes and various treats. If you do not mind pampering your pet, Clementine will be very grateful and happy.

Now let us observe thoroughly all favors and peculiarities of attendance and upbringing of this fantastic companion animal. So, first of all Clementine adores care and love, and these are the most valuable things for her while communicating with people. Second, Clementine is of very fine and exquisite nature and is afraid of strangers, but then when she comes to know a person she blooms and becomes very sociable. Third, her favorite hobbies are playing and enjoying delicious treats, so, it is great if her owner will sometimes bring her these pleasures.

Clementine is an excellent and unfailing friend. She longs for a family and she is ready to become a true member of it. 


MalePillowtalk's Black Jack
October 28 2010
Maine Coon,
Title: Grand Inter Champion WCF
MalePillowtalk's Fiasco
November 27 2009
Maine Coon, black silver cl.tabby white
MaleTreasure Island's Ice-Man
September 07 2008
Maine Coon, black silver cl.tabby with white
MaleGigolo vom Maiwinkel
Maine Coon, black smoke with white
FemaleDotcom Minellastorm
Maine Coon, black silver torbie
FemaleTimaracoon's Vogue
September 17 2007
Maine Coon, black
MaleBlack Sky Belmicoon*PL
Maine Coon, brown mackerel tabby
FemaleBig Kitty Heaven's Heart
Maine Coon, black
FemalePillowtalk's DeLuxe
June 02 2008
Maine Coon, black
MaleCoolMotion's Angel-Sky
July 31 2007
Maine Coon, black
MalePillowtalk's Xtro Energie
May 12 2006
Maine Coon, brown cl.tabby
FemaleTimberhills Chelsea
July 09 2004
Maine Coon, black tortie
FemaleTimaracoon's Heartbreaker
November 12 2006
Maine Coon, black
MaleBlack Sky Belmicoon*PL
Maine Coon, brown mackerel tabby
FemaleAmericanBeautys Devotion
January 10 2002
Maine Coon, brown cl. torbie white
FemaleShedoros Wynona (retired)
December 19 2012
Maine Coon,
MaleTop Coon Omar
November 12 2011
Maine Coon, d 23
MaleTop Coon Usee
March 23 2008
Maine Coon, ns 23
MaleAres Querer PL
August 28 2005
Maine Coon,
Title: IC
FemaleFergie Cat Cabaret PL
Maine Coon,
FemaleTop Coon X' Mara
September 08 2010
Maine Coon,
MaleTop Coon Koffi
Maine Coon, e
FemaleLove Hulen's Black Pride
June 28 2008
Maine Coon,
FemaleShedoros Anastasia
August 11 2008
Maine Coon, f 22 03
Title: Ch.
MaleDorv Samatna Giazda*PL
November 21 2003
Maine Coon, n 22 03
MaleBodygard of Atte Ros, CZ
Maine Coon, d 23 03
Title: Euro.Ch.
FemaleDaisy Tiili*PL
Maine Coon,
Title: Int.Ch.
FemaleGinger Joko-Xzar*PL
December 18 2004
Maine Coon,
MaleLillycoon's Gordon Flash
Maine Coon, ds 22 03
FemaleCelebrity Lavender Love*PL
Maine Coon,
Title: Int.Ch.