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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
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Name: Shedoros Wynona

Birth date:  January 01 1970
Sex:  Female
Father: Top Coon Omar
Mother: Shedoros Anastasia

Litter "C"
Litter "P"
Litter "T"
Litter KR "Great Victory"

Wynona is the most affectionate and gentle cat in the world! At home we call her Nonni. She has come from Germany, Wegberg, the cattery Shedoros. At once she has accustomed to the new house without causing discontent of those cats and kittens that have already been here, she has come into our house as if she always lives here. She is a favorite!

Wynona is a gentle beauty. They say they have got a "honeymoon" nature. She can be so gentle and caring that sometimes you can even forget who is to take care. She is calm and open for communication at any time, Nonni wins love of people of all the ages, and she does not pay any attention to children's pranks and some inability of mature people to leave work within their office. She treats all the human manifestations with awe and sympathy, if they are sincere, she will not be annoyed and insist if at some particular point you refuse to play with her. Gently and quietly, Wynona will find a place for a light nap somewhere nearby, waiting for the right moment to remind about her. Tucking under her the big hairy paws, she turns into a large decorative pillow that will surely start purring if you caress her.

Nonni responds to kindness very sensitively, she gladly embraces and loves when you come to her first. At the same time, a young cat is not afraid to make a step forward, if she sees that you are sitting around doing nothing. Taking her favorite teaser she comes from the side, watching your eyes and with the timid meow is calling to participate in the game. It is difficult to imagine a cat more addicting than Wynona – it is impossible to stop her! It seems she never gets tired, and the duration of another fun depends on the amount of time you have for this. The game with her is very interesting and lifts the mood, each time remembering for some special moment. Without any doubts the hallmark of this Maine Coon cat is cheerfulness and kindness.

Nonni had the gorgeous warm color and the remarkable brushes on high-set ears. Shielding by her already fluffy, breathtakingly beautiful tail during healthy naps, she becomes like a round sun, instead of rays she has long and dense hair of snazzy red color.

Thank you, Dorothea, for our ginger sun!á


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