TICA & WCF registered and certified Cattery
Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
USDA licensed and inspected by APHIS USDA-APHIS


Name: DreamCoon Omrao Sun

Birth date:  May 06 2022
Color:  Red with white
Status: Sold to Julianne from Greenbackville, Virginia
Sex:  Male
Father: Cowboy of DreamCoon (Galahad) Mother: VikaMarta of DreamCoon (SandiYa Galactyc *RU Lizzy)

Video from new owner


MaleCowboy of DreamCoon (Galahad)
December 17 2018
Maine Coon,
MaleQGC Salexcoon Bon Jovi
Maine Coon, Black tabby with white
Title: QGC
MaleSalexcoon Nino
Maine Coon, white
Title: RW SGC
MaleSalexcoon Denver
November 16 2011
Maine Coon, white
Title: RW SGC (TICA)
MaleSalexcoon Cathie
Maine Coon,
FemaleSalexcoon Blanche
November 21 2010
Maine Coon, black
MaleSimbasa's Kalimero PP
May 28 2009
Maine Coon,
FemaleSalexcoon Destiny
Maine Coon,
Title: Gr.Int.Ch.
FemaleProsto Krasotka
Maine Coon,
MaleRiddlecoon`s L.Czardas
June 20 2012
Maine Coon,
Title: QGC
MaleWistariantale Sakura Storm
Maine Coon,
FemaleRiddlecoon's L.E.Esti
Maine Coon,
Title: QGC
FemaleIvanuska's uraganka
Maine Coon,
MaleDjeser Djeseru I Seek You
Maine Coon,
Title: RW SGC
FemalePillowtalk's Marimba
Maine Coon,
Title: CH
FemaleVikaMarta of DreamCoon (SandiYa Galactyc *RU Lizzy)
March 12 2021
Maine Coon,
MaleBasil Svet Lion
Maine Coon, ns 03 23
MaleVilarcoon Radar
Maine Coon, d 09 23
MaleTimaracoon's Midnight
August 11 2011
Maine Coon, as
FemaleVilarcoon L`Best Kukla
Maine Coon,
FemaleFashioncoon Harmony
Maine Coon, as 22
FemaleAthena of Talina City
Maine Coon, ns
MaleFavorite Angel Frant
Maine Coon, n 03
Title: GICH
MaleElphinstone Sugar Damon
Maine Coon, n 03
Title: GICH
FemaleElphinstone Anfisa
Maine Coon, fs
FemaleRoyal Diamond Karina
Maine Coon, ns 09