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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
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DreamCoon Edelweiss
August 15 2019
Black tabby
I sent you pictures of Binx. He is so beautiful don't you think? He is a bit of a bully though. Thinks he can get away with anything. As you can see he could see he lays all over my furniture Haha
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June 19 2020
Black tabby
Mark and Jillian F.
This kitty is so unusual ... He was acclimated in an hour . Very social will the whole family and seems very healthy . He slept in bed bed with us the whole night , taking turns curling up with and my... Read more
DreamCoon Maverick
May 04 2020
Maverick is doing well - we have actually changed his name to Whiskey! I’ve attached a few pictures for you.

Best, Danielle


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DreamCoon Degoya
December 04 2019
Black smoke
She’s very comfortable and I think I’ve spoiled her too much since she will only sleep on my chest and doesn’t take no for an answer


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DreamCoon Mangostine Sweet Fruit
May 04 2020
Cream with white
He’s doing great... he’s eating and loving life...



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