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DreamCoon Liam Cooper (R10)
June 13 2017
Black silver tabby NS22
Hi Elena
Cooper is doing great! We love him so much!
He gets along with all the other pets but he is the leader for sure!
He is feeling at home and exploring everything!
Growing so fast.
Thanks so...

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DreamCoon Richard Lion Heart (R7)
May 06 2017
Red tabby
Heres a photo of the boys last night - they seem to have worked out all of their problems! 😊


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DreamCoon Ideal Morning
October 20 2016
Black smoke
Hello Elena. Things are going great. Ideal is getting baths at least once a month (depending on how dirty he gets from exploring under the cabinets or the basement when we visit the in-laws). Found... Read more
Kitty the Splat
June 05 2017
Black tortie
She is amazing and we just love her! Even our older cat has taken to her quicker than we expected 😊
Thanks again! She is beautiful!!


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May 28 2017
Red tabby
Hi Andrei and Elena, Royal is wonderful, happy and growing fast! He's so much fun!


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