TICA & WCF registered and certified Cattery
Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
USDA licensed and inspected by APHIS USDA-APHIS
Name: Alwaro Apollos

Birth date:  June 16 2011
Color:  silver Mac Tabby
Sex:  Male
Father: Alwaro Kennedy Mother: Alwaro Prada


MaleAlwaro Kennedy
Maine Coon,
MaleDotcom Lacian Lad
Maine Coon,
FemaleAlwaro Maxi Star
Maine Coon, black mackerel torbie
MaleWytopitlock H'Bono Madox
June 17 2002
Maine Coon, blue cl. tabby white
Title: IC
MaleMilioncket's Bon Jovi
Maine Coon, blue cl. tabby white
FemaleKarisma's Exiting Xenia, DK
Maine Coon, black cl. tabby
Title: IC
FemaleAlwaro Penelope
September 28 2007
Maine Coon, red mackerel tabby
MaleAres Querer PL
August 28 2005
Maine Coon,
Title: IC
FemaleB'Glory Cat Cabaret
Maine Coon, black cl. torbie white
FemaleAlwaro Prada
Maine Coon,
MaleAlca's Lord Luca
Maine Coon,
FemaleAlwaro Gini
Maine Coon,