TICA & WCF registered and certified Cattery
Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
USDA licensed and inspected by APHIS USDA-APHIS
Name: Coldstreamlk Taffy

Birth date:  April 30 2016
Color:  brown ptc-hd tby-white
Sex:  Female
Father: Moxiecat Bud Light of Coldstreamlk Mother: Willabelle's JG Gwenavier


MaleMoxiecat Bud Light of Coldstreamlk
August 06 2011
Maine Coon, shaded cameo
MaleMoxiecat Peter Peter Pumkin Eater
March 17 2007
Maine Coon, red tabby
Title: S-CH
MaleHiddenspring Kodiack
September 27 2003
Maine Coon, brown tabby
Title: S-CH
FemaleHiddenspring Little Red Ridinghood
February 18 2006
Maine Coon, red mac tabby
Title: D-CH
FemaleGrarov Golden Mist of Moxiecat
April 15 2009
Maine Coon, cameo tabby-white
Title: D-CH
MaleThornplum Ike
March 24 2006
Maine Coon, cameo tabby-white
FemaleGrarov Fluffy
August 29 2007
Maine Coon, cameo tabby
FemaleWillabelle's JG Gwenavier
December 01 2009
Maine Coon, brown ptch mc tby-wh
MaleJeters Mackey Man of Willabelle
April 01 2005
Maine Coon, brown mac tabby-white
MaleThecathut Joshua
January 18 1997
Maine Coon, brown mac tabby-white
Title: S-GC, RW
FemaleWayber Chyna Rose of Thecathut
February 16 2001
Maine Coon, brown ptch tabby-white
FemaleYens Passion Gislaine of Willabelle
April 24 2008
Maine Coon, brown ptch tabby-white
Title: D-CH
MaleLan Gstteich’s SI’Playback
May 05 2004
Maine Coon, brown tabby-white
Title: S-CH
FemaleVolcana Alwaro
July 10 2000
Maine Coon, cameo smoke