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Name: Pillowtalk's Jamaica

Birth date:  April 08 2010
Color:  fs 22
Sex:  Female
Father: Treasure Island's Ice-Man Mother: CoolMotion's Sweet-Temptation

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Jamaica or Maica, as we call her at home, is the youngest cat of our cattery. We brought her from Germany. Her birthplace is a beautiful and quiet place near the town Pansdorf next to Lubeck, where there is the cattery Pillowtalk, it is near the North Sea.

Maya: love at first sight

She has charmed us at the first sight. Maya is very long black silver turtle with high legs. She has strong bones. She has superbly set ears with silver tassels and charming almond-shaped green eyes. She is a real beauty, our Maya!

As soon as we have seen her – we have love affair. Yeah, it has been love at first sight; Maya has felt just the same, immediately climbed on our knees and curled up. This is such pleasure! The tenderness of this cat is difficult to describe in words!

The cat like a toy

Maine Coons have an unusual voice, the meowing of this cat is almost soundless and abruptly, but she is purring like a tractor. Everything Maya sees in the window has quiet commentaries. It's so funny to watch it from the side. As a child, she is in a constant game and from any action in the heat she is trying to escape.

Everything that gets in her paws becomes a toy with which she will run around the house with great pleasure. She has no equal in the game, and her favorite toy is "a pendent" with a rattle on the end. Maya is unusually plastic, mobile, fast and jumpy. Sometimes, playing with her, we understand that the power has ended, but Maya heard the sound of the rattle can endlessly have fun and run with it around the house, with her cocked tail and playfully moving her paws. We immediately get an extra boost of energy.

Always together with Maya

It does not matter whether I cook, work at the computer, play with children or talk by phone - Maya is involved in everything. It is impossible to sort rice, peel the potatoes without her, she seems want to learn everything and she is always here. She even responds to the advertising on TV, if the dog barks - she stares, as if she is asking - why he swears, I do not like this. If a cat appears on the screen - Maya happily raises her head, "saying": and he is like me, isn’t he?

This is our Maya, quite restless and dynamic, but at the same time a gentle and kind girl and that is why we love her even more! Even when you are bad and sad, Maya is ready to support you. She could not say anything, yeah, she does not need the words, it is enough just to touch her soft fur, feel gentle purr, see kind warm look. It is true that animals can heal not only the body but the soul.

Thank you so much, Bettina, for this little hurricane, and let this hurricane never ends, it is real fun for us!á


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