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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
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Cleopatra (Sasha)

12/07/2014 The girls are doing well. Cleo (Sasha) is becoming very social, she seems to always have something to say. Lisa and I want to thank you very much for bringing the girls into out home. We are letting them take their time acclimating to their new enviroment. Again Thank you very much Michael and Lisa 12/12/14 They have been playing with the cat toys and Sasha discovered she can climb the cat tree to the top. Mishka has only made it to the second level. They have both been eating very well. We took them to the Vet tonight and Sasha weighs 4.12 pounds and Mishka weighs 4.13 pounds. 03/22/15 Dear Mikirticheva Elena, How are you all doing? It has been awhile since Lisa and I have updated you. The girls are doing very well and are getting big. Mishka is quite precocious, she likes to be on top of the refrigerator, fireplace mantles, kitchen counters. Sasha is very sweet and had the loudest purr we have ever heard on a cat. The girls get along very well, the play together when they are not sleeping and even then they are snuggled up together. 04/03/15 I am enclosing a couple of photos of Sasha and Mishka. We just got a door mounted tree for the girls to play and they are definitely liking it. We cannot wait to see photos of the new kittens. We have become great fans of Maine Coons, they are such characters and we love the talking they do. Misha is more vocal, she really likes to shrill.