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Feedback about the cat Pushkin

June 2015:

áHe is such a great cat, everybody (including non-cat people) is in love with him. Not only because of his looks, but also for his character - he has no fear of anyone or anything, very curious, intelligent and friendly. You were right when you said that the is a fantastic cat. He truly is!

I take him and Maximilian for a walk around the block every morning. They both follow me without a leash. They walk on people's front lawns, far away from cars that are rare in our quiet, pet friendly neighborhood. I have some video clips (taken by my GoPro action camera) that I will send you once I learn how to edit them.

January 2015:

Dear friends and family,

We are proud to announce the arrival of the new member of our family.
He is Pushkin, a Maine coon kitten born on August 11, 2014 in Moscow, Russia, where he lived until December 4, 2014, when he was brought to USA.

The story behind his name is as follows. I wanted to call him Genghis Khan, or Jinx(for short). He already had a nickname - Pushok (Russian for "fluffy") that the breeder's children gave him. Charo insisted that I re-name him, so in a moment of inspiration I derived Pushkin from Pushok. You will probably agree (based on the attached photos of both) that there is a similarity between the great Russian writer and the kitty - at least in the amount of hair. And the kitty has a bohemian, poet-like look.

Anyways, we are enjoying him tremendously. He in constant motion, playing with anything he sees - piecec of paper, dead leaves, his own tail, and a bunch of toys we have.

Maximilian, our other cat, was not happy to see this little creature steal the spotlight, but on this 4th day of being under one roof they are already talking to each other and I see first attempts at playing.

Kind regards,

Milan, Charo and Sasha

December 28, 2015:

I am attaching a few recent photos of Pushkin who did pretty well in his first two CFA shows in November and December. He became a premier (champion) and also accumulated 20 points towards the title of Grand Premier (he will need a total of 75 for this title). He was in three top 10 finals. I need to work with him on presentation, he still shy and does not expose all his beauty to the judges.

Best regards,
Milan and family