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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
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Wow! Beretta has stolen our hearts!
She is so wonderful and is making herself at home.
Thank you so much.
I attached a new picture of Beretta.
She was up to 8.2# Feb. 8th.
Sara and Tom

She is hanging out with us, fetching, talking to the birds, and wow...is she is fast!
Tom calls her the black bullet...he timed her at 247 miles an hour!!! Ha ha!
She just turned 7 months and is going to be absolutely beautiful once her fur grows back.
Her tail is already so full and beautiful.
She was 8.2 pounds when we had her spayed.
I think she is aproaching 9-10 now.
I attached a couple more photos for you.
We still haven't out ruled getting her a friend, but we are not sure how she will adapt to another cat in the home since we are just getting to see her true personality.
We are really spoiling her too!

Hi Elena, Beretta is beautiful and so sweet. I do want tohank you for showing me the chin/facial love you did with Beretta when you parted from her.
I replicated that with her and every morning she shows that same affection.
We are considering a friend for her and are courious if you have plans to breed Beretta's parents again?
Alwaro Platon and La Luna DreamCoon.


Hi Elena,
Beretta is becoming quite a beautiful girl.
She is so sweet.
Her personality gets better everyday.
Boy can she run!
Here's a few photos.


Beretta is recovering from a freak accident.
She slipped and fractured her femur.
A month tomorrow since she had her surgery.
She doing great with her recovery.
She so patient and she's mommy's girl.


Wow, time flies! I am attaching a couple photos of our beautiful Beretta celebrating her 3rd Birthday. She is absolutely beautiful and a sweetheart. Just can't believe she's 3 and currently weights in at 18 pounds.