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Ideal Morning

Hello Elena. Things are going great. Ideal is getting baths at least once a month (depending on how dirty he gets from exploring under the cabinets or the basement when we visit the in-laws). Found out he loves to chase flies and feathers. But he does not care for the laser points. I do have him spoiled when it comes to meal times, for when we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, Ideal Morning gets a little wet food after giving a kiss (more like a head butt on my chin or cheeks). But only to me and my mother-in-law and not to my fiancé. Which we find funny. Ideal Morning also likes car rides either I the carrier or having it open. He loves riding on the dash board. The photo I sent was taken July 10th. As you can see he is happy laying there. And every morning, for about 5 to 45 minutes he has to have his morning attention/lovins/petting before the female of the house gets out of bed. Happens at his home (to me every time my alarm goes off) or when we visit Patrice's mother (10 minutes for her and for me). If he doesn't get his attention, hahaha he is a little devilish 2 year old boy hyped up on sugar all day long! We also found out that he really loves a water bowl. But not for drinking. But to move around and spill the water out of it. So we had to buy a fountain to keep the water mess to almost non-existenance. We have also found out that he does not like to be alone for more than 30 minutes. Because when one of us returns back home. He either stays on the lap or lays by the feet. And follows us to every room in the house. What is real surprising is that he has manners. For when someone leaves the toilet door open, he leans against the door to close it so no one can see what is going on inside. I never seen any animal do that without being trained. I love this little angel you allowed me to get. And thank you a million times for letting me get this wonderful boy.

Ussel, France