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Natheric Chelser Keeys (In Love Again)

We had a nice trip home.á
Natheric slept on my lap like he had done it before!á
He explored some when we got home.á
Curled up with me in bed, he wanted me to rub his belly so I did for a while.á
When I was falling asleep he faced me and put his paws on my neck and we went sound asleep.á
He slept till I woke about 10 am and has been exploring and snuggling all day.á
Here are a few pics from this morning.á
Also one in the car from last night!á


Hello, I hope you are doing well.

I wanted to update you on my wonderful boy. Since today is is birthday I thought it a good time.

He is so perfect and even more than I expected. He is smart, loving, fun and handsome. I take him on car rides often and he loves it, he is very calm and usually just falls asleep like the dogs. I am socializing him often and he is great with people and other dogs. I of course only introduce him to dogs I know well and that like cats!
I took him to a meeting, not business just a committee I am on. He was the star of the day, so calm and loved everyone holding him and getting attention. He also was great at my business, the picture of him on the counter is at Camp.

My Vet says he is very Regal, I agree. He is the perfect addition to the family and his dog sisters love him, the little one plays with him till she drops. Hope you enjoy the pictures.