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Hello, Elena
Sirius feels great - in my opinion he has even grown a bit already!
Eats well :)

  Last night I allowed him to go down to the 1st floor of our house - he smelled everything.
Of course, he sees the 2nd floor as "his house", and the 1st floor - how it is still unknown what ..
For some reason he insisted on eating our human food - we are vegetarians, so there is absolutely nothing for him to eat , but he even insisted on potatoes or salad ..
We'll have to keep him out while we eat ..
He met the parrot again today - they ignore each other.
But my husband and I still look very much - the parrot was sitting on my shoulder,
and Sirius was quietly on the floor with his toys playing - everything is fine :)
He sleeps beautifully with me - on my shoulder, half under a blanket, and the head and feet on his shoulder are very cute :)
I wake up once every hour more - only a few times a night.
Worn on the corridor and playing with their toys.
He does not want to go to the balcony yet, and on the 1st floor too - only if I am there - and how do I go to the 2nd floor (my office is there),
then he is behind me - and he sits on my lap all day while I work :)
With her husband, they also found a common language - they play together, but Syria does not sit on it.
He even goes to the shower! Those. I sit in front of the shower while I'm inside, and when I turn off the water and open the doors (we have a standing shower, glass walls from floor to ceiling, you just stand on the floor) so Sirius comes in, walks on the wet floor (it’s wet and steam) and everything sniffs ... I still have a cast-iron bath, on my legs, so he likes to sit on its edge - and even jumped inside already - without water, of course, empty, but he knows that there is a tap with water. So I think that he treats water well :)
Sirius is talking to me in all his ways - meowing together, I already understood several of his different meows - so we feel!
He also sings songs - such long meowing serenades while walking along the corridor by itself is very funny!
I will send pictures in a separate email :)
- Eugenia