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Griff (London Night)

Hi Elena,

Brian here in the mountains of Colorado. I adopted London Night from your February of 2019 litter. I just want you to know what a positive experience I had both in working with you and getting London Night transferred here. Thank you for all the kind help and support.

London Night has told me his name is Griff. It is short for Griffin the mythical half lion and half eagle. When he arrived he had these hair wings coming off the back of his neck slightly below his ears. Had a friend who saw the picture I shared and they suggested his name and I thought it fit. Griff has matured with such a wonderful personality and is quite beautiful. He gets along super with my two Westies and another cat I have named Mojo. The two cats get along really well and play together all the time. Griff even goes on walks with us when I go out to walk the dogs.

So I just want to say thank you again and when I am looking for another Maine Coon you will be the first one I contact. I wish for you and your family a wonderful holiday season.