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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
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Hes due for a bath. He doesnt like baths too much. He hates to be combed but we get through it.


Orlando is so funny, he likes to use his paw and push everything on the floor. He's still young. When I say stop that he listens. But when I wake up in the morning, my glasses and pens all the little thing are on the floor. I'm trying to remember to put everything away but sometimes i forget and find it on the floor.

Many blessings, Jamie


Taking it easy. Very fisty at night, runs around like a little kitten. Doesn't like to be pet but does sleep in my lap often


Orlando is so sweet. He let's me pet him whenever he comes to me, very precious. Its been almost a year and now he's very cuddley, but only me. He's always purring and rubbing the dog. Thank you for everything!



Today Orlando gets his shots.

He's been a little naughty, he decided he likes to sharpen his nails on the sofa when he's got a 4 foot scratch tree.

I just pick him up and take him to his scratch tree.

I've caught him in the trash chewing on plastic several times, so now I keep a lid on it.

He's learning not to scream when he wants a treat. I speak softly and slowly until he coos like a baby, Then I give him his treats.

He's so beautiful. After I get him groomed I'll send you a bunch of pictures.

The dog skylar likes to mouth Orlando's fur and it gets wet and unkempt, when they play. I try to keep it nice but sometimes I need to take him to a professional. He got mad and angry when I combed him, but now he knows after we finish grooming he gets treats. He still doesn't like it but he allows it. We take breaks so he doesn't too upset. He's a charmer. He sits next to me and purrs but I'm not allowed to pet him but he just wants to be next to me in the evening. Then we all curl up in bed and he puts me to sleep when he purrs. He always know when its bedtime. I found this fascinating. You help bring this happiness to others too. I hope they know the same wonders I found in Orlando.


And thanks once again for my sunshine. He's getting a tiger cut tomorrow, the neighbor children are not allowed in my apartment. They love to tease his hair; they use a brush or comb and back brush it until it's in knots. Hes in better spirits than ever. I have him on new kibble. He's got that newborn face like he's still a baby when he wants a treat.

He sits on the sofa beside me and we can talk back and forth for an hour or more. Talk to you soon.