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Fancy (Terracatta)

Autumn has been acting a little betrayed; prior to Fancy showing up, she was the only star of the show. Now that her bigger sister is on the scene, she has been purring less and hanging back a bit. However, we've been focusing on her with lavish attention and praise, and playing with her and her favorite toy a lot, so she's coming out of it.

And Fancy? You would think we've had her since the very beginning! We're now calling her Terracatta (a play on the word terracotta, since she looks a bit like that in coloring). Cindy says she is actually "Terror"-catta when she is being a handful. I call her Terra for short. :)

Both of them are eating well; we have three flavors of the Acana food Ė Pacifica, Prairie, and Grasslands Ė and are letting them eat all three whenever they like (they are eating Grasslands & Prairie the most). We've been feeding them canned Royal Canin kitten food, 1/2 can for each of them twice per day, but that's only until the canned Acana cat food arrives from Amazon (Acana food of any kind is not readily available here in our area, so we have to order all of it via Amazon).

Terra is super-playful, though Autumn is better at jumping all over the stairs and cat tree, at least for now. Autumn is also less fearful of new things. Terra is easily spooked when we raise our window blinds, but I imagine she'll get over that in the weeks that follow. Terra is the BEST purring cat I've ever experienced; she sees me coming to pet or play with her, and she just bursts into a loud happy purr. It's truly wonderful!