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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»

Autumn (Fronda)

February 02 2016

Fronda (Autumn) is the most wonderful, affectionate, intelligent and beautiful girl! She likes to be held and carried around, hugs and head-butts us frequently, and is also a fun-living boisterous kitten! She sees Mitch as her big playful teddy bear that she can play a little rough with, and she sees me as her nurturing helper that she plays more gently with. She greets both of us with hugs and snuggles equally. She had no problems with her litter box, and is eating and drinking well.

After child-proofing (kitten-proofing) the house, she explores everything but prefers to be where we are. Our bed has become her preferred cat bed, although we have real cat beds in different rooms to provide her a choice.

Yesterday at the vet, her claws were trimmed, after which she seemed less confident in her play, so we plan to let her grow them out to full length again. She loves to flex her claws and we would like for her to have this joy again.

Her favorite toy is a feather and bell on a string. She is more interested in us than the squirrels and birds we feed outside, even if we open the window a little so that she can hear them. Right now she is on my shoulder thinking about helping me text! She plays "monkey-see-monkey-do", thinking that I am trying to show her how to do things. Funny!

It must be difficult for you and your beautiful sweet daughter to say goodbye to these kittens. Thank you.