TICA & WCF registered and certified Cattery
Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»

Van Wader aka Othello

Such a handsome boy.

I came back from doctors and laid down on couch. Othello never lays on my chest.
Always beside me or at my feet.
Well he must have decided I needed more cuddling since I was sick and laid on my chest and stomach.
Was very sweet but super uncomfortable while 20 lbs of cat walks around on you trying find the right spot like a dog.
Wished I could have took a picture but alas phone was out of reach.
He got his purr on and it was nice.
My coughing didn't bother him at all.
He's been super loving ever since I got sick. Love my big boy!😻


Othello (Van Wader) passed his evaluation to become a Pet Partners Therapy Pet.
As soon as he gets his badge.
I'll take a picture and send it to you.
He finished in the complex level which means he could go into hospital.
But the Carillon hospitals here don't allow cats.
Only dogs😿


The hospital here are own by Carillon. No cats allow.
But if they did, he could go.
As he got high rating called Complex which means if he was a dog he could go into hospital.
Don't know why they don't allow cats?
I'll send you a picture when he gets his badge in a few weeks.
It's is very hard test.
He had to learn to sit and stay.
Stay calm around noise , dog, rough petting and not get scared or growl.
So proud of him.
The manual that I to read was 160 pages long.
I was so afraid we would fail.
Othello is such a special kitty.
Thank you for trusting to me.😻


Sometimes even Therapy cats get stressed says Othello.
"Went to vets yesterday, it's a 1 1/2 hour drive so there's that.
And I remember that place!
That's the place you left me when I was sick in January.
I growled to let you know you better not leave me again.
I growled at everyone.
But I'm a gentleman and I do not bite or swipe at people no matter what they do to me. Guess what?
Dr Connie wasn't fooled by my fussing at all.
She told me to stop cussing her. She knows cat language!
Oh my! I guess next time I may have to act better. We'll see.

PS I gots shots and I weigh 21 lbs now. "