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January 02 2016
Roanwood Coal Miner
January 02 2016
Black smoke
Hi Elena,

Just a quick update on Atlas. He's has settled in and is now completely at home. Got him neutered on Friday. It didn't phase him a bit. Oscar is my 3 year old male beside him. They play...

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Unlocker DreamCoon
February 16 2016
Oh, I love him so much!
He's such a brave little man. And he has a voracious appetite.
I don't think he peed the whole trip, but he certainly went when we got back home.
Thanks again for everything....

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Vintage Marble
February 21 2016
Blue classic tabby
They are best buddies now, never apart! They are so much fun, they follow us around all over the house and even Groucho has come around. Romeo is the sweetest kitty! I can't thank you enough for these... Read more
Wonderful Fabian
March 10 2016
Black (brown) tabby
They dominate our life, it's their house, we just live here



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