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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»

One love DreamCoon
June 07 2015
Black tortie
Hi Elena! Just thought I'd give you an update on OneLove. She is so sweet and cuddly! She loves playing with our other cat and bounds around our apartment like crazy. She also has the longest and fluf... Read more
Molly DreamCoon
May 25 2015
black & white
Molly is bringing our family so much joy! She is so sweet and very funny. She loves everyone, including the dog!

Hello Elena! Here are a few more pictures of Molly. As you ...
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Chester DreamCoon
February 15 2015
Black classic tabby
Look how gorgeous he is. He is a sweetheart.


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Korston DreamCoon
May 23 2015
Irwin DreamCoon
April 14 2015
Black tabby
Hi Elena!
Louie has had a great first day and night. He cannot stop purring and loves to cuddle. I'm so in love with him already!!! Thank you so much! Here is another picture of him!!!
07/15/2015... Read more

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