TICA & WCF registered and certified Cattery
Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»

April 02 2016
Blue classic tabby with white

Thought you may enjoy seeing how Alex is growing...almost 6 months old, 5 kg.
Still as lovable as ever. This perch is in my home office. He is in it almost every day while I work, unless he's...

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Rupert Frank
January 02 2016
Rupert is now known as Gucci!
He has blossomed in to a silly big ol' boy.
He is very handsome and he knows it. He loves to play and is a rascal around the house as his curiousity gets him in to ...

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DreamCoon Kaiser Minou
June 28 2016
You really named your cattery right, Minou is a total DREAM!! We are amazed at his beauty & personality. He's so smart & loving. Truly a dream coon.
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Jeep Fergus
June 11 2016
Baby Fergus is adapting nicely and is best friends with my dog. Buddy. Buddy even grooms Fergus! Thank you so much for such a wonderful kitten!

Fergus is growing so fast. He is a very playful...

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April 20 2016
Black classic tabby
Elena-- "stony" is the most loving and Adorable boy I have ever known -- I read his fathers biography on the web site and it sounds like our baby boy got his temperament !! He wakes up...
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