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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»

DreamCoon Nostradamus
February 02 2021
Blue tabby
OH MY GOODNESS he is doing SO Amazing!!!! He is a happy little baby, he is using his litter box, eating, drinking, PLAYING. He likes to watch TV, we watched Black Panther last night and he laid on his... Read more
DreamCoon January
October 28 2020
Red smoke
I wanted to thank you for a lovely addition to our family. We have named him Jasper and he is very sweet and playful. We are so very happy to have him!

Thank you, Jenna

I just ...

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DreamCoon Estatica
September 20 2020
Black smoke
Picture of Estatica meeting the fish. She is very playful & cuddly at times. We enjoy having her around.


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DreamCoon November
February 02 2021
Blue tabby
Hes going really well, hes starting to get settled in and running around, we love him, thank you so much!


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DreamCoon Xirda PP
January 01 1970
Black tabby polydactyl
She is doing good. She is playing and running around the house. She loves to be petted and she purrs so loud!

Sincerely, Rose


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