TICA & WCF registered and certified Cattery
Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»

1st Warrior
March 09 2021
Mark and Jillian F.
Thought you’d enjoy seeing Henry (Walton John) and Charlie (1st Warrior) together. They’ve quickly become fast friends, and Charlie is every bit as darling and irresistible as Henry 😊 Mary Read more
DreamCoon Bonaparte
April 02 2021
Black tabby with white
DreamCoon Bridgette Blue
April 02 2021
Blue tabby with white
DreamCoon Messalina
December 24 2020
She's doing great. She made herself at home by Monday afternoon and has been so active and cuddly. So far we've started her on Royal Canin Maine Coon kitten food and some water additives and She's eating... Read more
DreamCoon Kevin King
June 01 2020
Black tabby with high white
King has turned out to be quit the drama King and spaz when I first return home. He hogs my attention about 30m before he finally will settle down. Even ignoring bacon for the affection! I hope his strong... Read more

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