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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»

Rush Silver
July 15 2015
Black silver classic tabby
11/07/2015 Two cute photos of Rush Silver. He is growing fast and fitting in just fine. He loves our dog and snuggles with her often, and is also very fond of my youngest daughter.


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May 22 2015
Black classic tabby
Sterling Lamborghini is a exceptional fly catcher! 11/07/2015 10.5 pounds!!!!!! Hi Elena. Happy new year! Just want to say that we are doing fine! Sterling is just the most wonderful cat I co... Read more
Akella DreamCoon
December 17 2013
black and white
My son insists on calling Akella "Sylvester". I don't know if you are familiar with the cartoon character, Sylvester. He does look like him. However, I call him Akella and he knows his name very we... Read more
DreamCoon Lynx
May 22 2015
Black classic tabby
Lynx is adjusting well. He is eating and using his litter box nicely. He cries when he can't see us and follows us room to room. Greets anyone who enters. We are still working on introduction with dogs.... Read more
Toscana DreamCoon
March 25 2013
Hugs and a purr from sushi 😉😊 Jacqueline Read more

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