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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»

DreamCoon Mathvey
May 04 2020
Blue tabby
DreamCoon Dantes
August 02 2016
Black tabby
I've attached a few photos. I'm not a photographer, but he enjoys catching mockingbirds in our vegetable garden and enjoys the company of the neighbors cat.

He's almost 20 pounds now.

Adam ...

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DreamCoon Uuencoder
October 25 2020
Black tabby with white
Добрый день,

У нас все хорошо и надеимся, что и у вас все так же.

Широ привыкает и уже спит на кровати. На руках сидит не больше 30 секунд, но если отпускаем, то не убегает, а ложиться рядом....

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DreamCoon Mercury Fawn
September 17 2020
Attached are some photos of Mercury Fawn (aka Memphis) and his proof of neuter, which happened today. I’m happy to report that he’s integrated beautifully into the household, and Nefertiti has warmed ... Read more
DreamCoon X-Merlin
March 25 2020
Black silver tabby

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