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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»

January 07 2019
Black silver tabby
Mark and Jillian F.
Smudge is an absolute little doll.
We love her to pieces!
Tuukka was a little nervous the first night, but now heís giving her kisses and rubs, and they play all day long.
Theyíre so cute together. He...

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DreamCoon Kumanosuke
October 23 2018
Black tabby with white
Misha and Dima- we love the boys;
they are finally getting along / most of the time ;)!
They are funny together.
They sounds like horses when they chase each other!
We love them both😻


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DreamCoon Fan-fan
August 15 2018
Red with white


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DreamCoon Magnolia
June 16 2018
Black torbie
DreamCoon High Grade
March 20 2018
I've attached a couple of pictures of Vertner (we renamed Kongo from a previous kitten you had. Very good name).

He is doing very well and gets along well with Fabian (renamed Boone).

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